Healthy Eating and Nutrition Class tonight at 7pm
You do our workouts… now take the next step in health and wellness and tune up your diet.
Cost: $20
The next Olympic Weightlifting Course begins next Saturday, 16 January.
It’s 4 weeks of Olympic Weightlifting Programming that will improve your strength, power, coordination, flexibility and have you returning to the CrossFit program more efficient and fitter than ever.  The course is a structured class on Saturday at 11am and on Wednesday eveings at 6:60pm and Oly programming each day instead of CrossFit.  The program still incorporates CF style workouts so you will not lose any of your conditioning.
Cost is $150 first time enrollment and half off for second enrollment.

January Special Offers: 
1/2 off the Intro Course and first month’s membership
24 classes for current open gym members, good for anytime in 2010 – $100.00 
Upcoming CFW Events:
Wednesday, Jan 6 – 7pm: Endurance Sports Training Class  $20.00
Thursday, Jan 7 – 7pm:  Nutrition Class  $20.00
4 week Olympic Weightlifting Course – Saturday, 16 Jan – 1pm  $150.00
A Lecture on Wellness, Injury Prevention and Care by Dr. Eric McGraw: Thur, Jan 28th – 7pm – No Cost 
Grand Opening of New Building – Saturday, Jan 30 at 10:00am

Coach Chris Wilkes at CrossFit Ocean Isle on Monday, 18 January
Coach Wilkes delivers excellent Olympic Weightlifting Training in a one day seminar.  We host his seminars regularly.  This times he and his boys are going to be at Karen’s gym right down the road in Challotte.  Check out CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach for registration, details, and payment.

John Velandra, doing the only thing I’ve ever known him to do, helping someone.
You are, and forever will be, missed my Brother.
No time component / Split up into multiple sets as needed 
Max Height box jump
50 Deadhang pull ups
4 max rep sets of body weight bench press
50 Turkish Get ups
50 GHD sit up

Weightlifting:  Rest day

13 thoughts on “Posted: 1/7/2010

  1. taylor says:

    Great picture. For everything you guys have said about this guy… a picture tells a thousand words. So true.
    SO–bench press? Is it April 1st?! New bench press pads in the gym…whats going on. I think its cool; just sayin'…I never know with you guys. All of a sudden this bench press stuff. Are the bicept curls next? Whats the catch?

  2. No GOOD says:

    What did I miss…Bench Press…The only thing BP builds is your EGO..I refuse to train if we have to BP HA!!! Ok good thoughts today!!! SNOWSHOE dates I am looking at are going to be the night of 18 fEB- 21 fEB. oR 19-21. I will have prices for trip and get prices for lessons if you require them. SweetWater Surf in WB rents boards and boots a lot cheaper than on the mountain. SO stand by more to follow

  3. maria says:

    For all you runners out there – Jan 23rd is the William H. Craig Race for Life in Wilmington. There is a 15k (9ish miles) and a 5k. It will be a great test run for those of you doing the half marathon, and a 5k challenge for the rest of us. It's for a great cause, and in honor of a great man. Go to to register and search William H. Craig Race for Life.

  4. Sensei says:

    So sorry to hear about John. Love every second of your life because someday it will be your last! I am a pretty emotional guy and I try to never let a moment go by without letting know what someone means to me….even Tony…. yes Tony, Bro love. Everyone always says how special CFW is and it's amazing that there can be so many people in one place that are so FREAKING COOL AND LOVING! This is there are people that do two or three WoDs a day, It's not always for the physical aspects but for the camaraderie and feeling of being a part of something that is GOOD with others that appreciate the benefits of really hard work, pushing eachother to do more than the other ever thought possible and also being there for you when you are at your weakest! Ilario gave Josh and I a shout out for doing that WoD together so fast the other day, which is funny, because as I laid there gasping for recovery after we finnished I had a moment of clarity and appreciation to be lying there next to such a close friend, great athlete, and being cheered on by some of the most quality people and friends I've ever met! And I did you all a disservice by not at that exact time telling you all, THANK YOU! YOU ARE MY DEAR FAMILY! YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION! – this goes for all o our "box". Thank you.

  5. drew says:

    Does anyone have notes/etc from the endurance class? I couldn't make it for the second time, since my Wednesday nights are pretty slammed. If you do another class, can you switch the days of endurance&nutrition? Both have been on Wednesdays, and I've really wanted to attend one!

  6. ilario says:

    Hey gang, The nutrition classes, like all things CFW are over the top. If you are new to CF or just need a tune-up after a Holiday full of doughy-creamy-cinnamon covered goodness., hit a nutrition class. I've done two of them and feel like I finally figured out the nutrition piece. And what a difference: this holiday, my diet fell apart and the wheels literally came off my CF performance. I adjusted, and within a week I had reversed the trend and was back on track making progess instead of excuses. T. last night's endurance class was excellent. Terrific having a Triathlete and Crossfitter like Matt share his tips and experiences. PS, Cam, way to crush yesterday's WOD dude, 13 rds…sick.

  7. t. says:

    Refusal to train? Oh no, no f'ing way! Remedial training, 2000hrs (after gym closes), bring 2 qt, k-pot, vietnam era LBE (I know you have one old man). Uniform is UDTs and pink CFW tank top!
    The morning crew will indicate stop time… when they show up tomorrow at 6am!!!

  8. Sweaty says:

    Josh – I need my cleats back that you borrowed for the football game. Tried calling your phone but it isnt working

  9. drew says:

    t- I can bring over my extra k-pot, its a size small so it should fit any marines skull and brain quite nicely. Hah.

  10. chrisJ says:

    Drew, I have a full rundown of notes from the December endurance class. Glad to share them with you. I just need to spend a few minutes retyping. Shoot me an email address. Glad to send to anyone wanting them. -ChrisJ

  11. Debb says:

    All should go to the nutrition class!! It is life changing. NoGood sorry I will miss ya tonight, but I can not be at the nutrition gig. Let me know if I miss anything good.

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