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  1. Ezekiel says:

    Just wanted to touch base and add that that is a great article. It is one of my favorite Scott Kustes' articles.

    I really loved the part about people worrying about the plastic bottle and not the sugar bomb inside.

    If you guys don't mind, I would like to share it with our members as well on my website.

    Hope everything is going well!

  2. t. says:

    No troubles Zeke, thanks. Jeff, you guys can do these with whatever you want and as much weight. KB or DB is basic… you can always scale up!

  3. The O says:

    GOOD God it's good to be home…. anyone who want's to watch the jelly roll that has become my body, try and jiggle it's way through a wod, i'll be in this arvo…..FYI CFW is the best CF in the world if not the universe

  4. Sensei says:

    THE O!! yeay!! Ok, look Thomas and Josh, I have to go to Raleigh for a meeting tomorrow so I can't come to the gym until 5 ish. sooooory!

  5. The O says:

    I went to the fit journal thingo…. apparently you will loose about 32 calories for every 20 minutes of vigorous sexual activity…
    which i found thought prevoking…

  6. Tracy says:

    My Dad has given some great advice to his three daughters over the years and I thought I would share them with CFW….Be a good person, Work Hard,Don't go anywhere you don't belong and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and everything is Small Stuff!
    He is a wise man!!

  7. Kate says:

    Josh (or whoever is working tonight) I haven't ever done the handstand push-ups and i didn't want to interrupt your intro last night, i'm planning to come in this evening to get the 20 in – can someone show me how?