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       Tomorrow is the first Monday of 2009…   now what?  Mondays are usually the day that people plan on starting something new.  So it’s an easy assumption tomorrow, the first day of the first full week of 2009, will be many peoples’ day for kicking off their resolutions.  I personally have never done resolutions, but I’m certainly not against them if they work for someone.
      In the past few weeks many different CF sites have posts about resolutions, arguements for and against, and other discussions centered around what is essentially life change.       
     New Year’s or no, making a lifestyle or behavior is challenging for even the most motivated, willful, and metally strong individual.  Resolutions (especially those to do with health and fitness), tend to be like the person that makes them.  A weak mind will fails it’s host many times throughout life.
      Typically, strong willed persons need no calendar holiday, special timing, or even much planning to execute and affect change upon themselves and their own behaviors.  Easy enough for them.
       But as we’ve seen in many athletes, there are those that need just a little push in the right direction, some exogenious motivation, and a little support and they succeed and thrive.
       In a few days CFW will be one year old.  In that year I have learned so much.  One thing that stands out is that you cannot pick those who will stick with a training program like CF. 
       We’ve had many thin, "athletic" looking individuals come and go.  Maybe the WoDs are too hard, maybe the lack fashion, or not having others gawk at them is too big of a ego crusher…  especially when their performances are less than atop the list.  So many people that religiously go to the globo gyms are very weak minded.
       Then there are those who’ve come in and no one expects too much of them.  They’re overweight and their diets are horrid.  They lack flexibility and cannot move their own bodyweight.  Whatever the shambled state they are in, the bug bites ’em and they take off.  In three months they’re eating a strict diet, are 30lbs light of fat, and are doing WODs as Rx’d.  At six months they’re setting PRs and challenging the board ranks for the top times.
       Yet they didn’t expect it, their friends and family can’t believe it, and the CF’ers they’ve been training with are humbled by it. 
       And we (the CFW staff) are just proud to be able to facilitate and be part of it.
       Set goals… acheive them.  Set new, more challenging goals…   acheive them.  Repeat as Rx’d.

"Bodily decay is gloomy in prospect, but of all human contemplations the most abhorrent is body without mind."  – Thomas Jefferson


John V. of CrossFit Cape Fear turned me onto this online food log:  www.fitday.com
At first look, it appears to be a great option or you guys that prefer an electronic means for recording your protein, fat, carb, and other nutritional factors. 


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  1. Sensei says:

    Hey all, we will be getting together this afternoon ( 4PM ) at Port City Gymnastics to train some striking drills and joint manipulation. 6724 Amsterdam Way is the address but call me at 910-431-1038 if you need anything. SEE YOU SOON!!

  2. Scott S says:

    Hey t, Nice blog today. Like lots of folks, I have my goals for 2009. I told Darren about them and he said, "Share them with us and we can help you make it happen." He is right, when you are part of the Crossfit family, the likelihood of success goes way up.

  3. Charlie says:

    Tony, I always look forward to your posts. You have a way with words that is most inspirational. A general "thank you" to you and the CFW staff as well as the rest of CFW family that has been so motivational to me since I found CF. Happy New Year to all – it's going to be a great fricking year!!! Love ya…