The WODs for this weekends Challenge are posted!

CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach 
and owner Karen Reilly, a.k.a The Chic from Holden Beach, is hosting a 5k run
and 1mile Dog Jog on Dec 12 to benefit Paws-Ability.
So for those of you that aren’t going to Durham you now have
a fun event you can attend a bit closer to home.
For more info go to

 The Endurance Sport Training Seminar

has been rescheduled for
Wednesday, Dec 16th at 7pm
We’ll present Anaerobic Endurance / CF Endurance’s tempo/interval
programming, how it works, the physiology behind stamina training, and why
it is superior to conventional to conventional long, slow distance endurance "aerobic" training.
If you intend to complete an endurance (Triathlon, a 5k or 10k, half marathon, marathon or even an Ultra Race) event in 2010, have thought about completing one,
or are a seasoned endurance athlete, you will benefit greatly from this semiar.
Cost is $20.00

Nutrition Class
Thursday, Dec 17th at 7pm
Cost – $20
We’ve some new material for you and some suggestions for maintaining a
healthy diet during the holidays.
 Welcome home Koup

For total reps
1 max rep set of Deadlift  (315lbs-M / 185lbs-F)
Rest 1 min
1 max rep set of Push Press (155lbs-M / 95lbs-F)
Rest 1 min
1 max rep set Deadlift (315lbs-M / 185lbs-F)
Rest 1 min
1 max rep set Push Press (155lbs-M / 95lbs-F)
3 pos (hang, knee, and floor) Snatch: 1 x 5 
Overhead Squat: 5 x 5
Weighted GHD SitUps: 3 x 10
20 mid thigh high box jumps
2 max rep sets of kipping pull ups


0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/9/2009

  1. FITZ says:

    What up yall, I'm trying to role out to Crossfit Durham this coming Saturday Morning with whoever's going. I understand that everyone is meeting at CFW at 4:30 AM…I'm down to ride with anyone who thinks they can put with my philosophizen ass for a 2 hr trip :-)…For anyone who's willing and able, I will be at the gym most nights for the remainder of the week…or shoot me text / call me at… 252-571-1816

  2. Sensei says:

    Good morning all! Maria, you have a large vehicle correct? If so, then I am sure we would love to all pack in and chip in on gas. Bridgitte, I think we should stick with 450…ugh…I know, but registration is from 7-8 and we need to guarantee placement and following BEATINGS OF KENTS ASS. Let me know if this sounds right. FITZ, Always willing to talk about Philosophy as long as other people around can hear my views with an open mind! ha ha! I am guessing that we will all be so jazzed about the trip and be chatting like school girls, Otherwise "if I aint drivin, I'm sleepen!".

  3. abby says:

    I am with you Sensei…if I don't have to drive I will be sleeping! Course I do have an Expedition…can seat6-7 comfortably…let me know what you guys wanna do…I am still unsure if I am participating or not 🙁 so if I am NOT then my but is sleeping in a lil bit longer and will meet ya'll up there!

  4. Jen S. says:

    I was sooo pumped to go to Raleigh and cheer you all on but the slowness of the past year or so at the spa has just caught up with us and we were forced to lay off our beloved spa manager Denise. Thus I have been stuck working at the spa and driving my daughter to and from work (before and after)since her car died…this has left me no time to get to the gym the past few days and to make matters even worse…I have to work at Prima on Saturday!!! I am trying not to be too depressed so you guys have to take lots of pics and video for me! I will be cheering you on in spirit!!! Miss you all!

  5. maria says:

    My list of chores is long, and getting longer. Looks like I will prob not head up to Durham until Sat AM -85% sure. I have 3 rows of seats so I'll plan on 4:30 at CFW.

  6. Sandra says:

    Accidentally picked up a gray UA sweat shirt yesterday. new it was not mine when I put it on and it cane to my knees. It's back at the gym. I am also leaving a 2009 Attraction guide (coupon book). Lots of good deals but expires this month. Help yourself and pls leave at the gym. Spanks!