Welcome home DC!
CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach 
and owner Karen Reilly, a.k.a The Chic from Holden Beach, is hosting a 5k run
and 1mile Dog Jog on Dec 12 to benefit Paws-Ability.
So for those of you that aren’t going to Durham you now have
a fun event you can attend a bit closer to home.
For more info go to www.crossfitoceanislebeach.com

 The Endurance Sport Training Seminar

has been rescheduled for
Wednesday, Dec 16th at 7pm
We’ll present Anaerobic Endurance / CF Endurance’s tempo/interval
programming, how it works, the physiology behind stamina training, and why
it is superior to conventional to conventional long, slow distance endurance "aerobic" training.
If you intend to complete an endurance (Triathlon, a 5k or 10k, half marathon, marathon or even an Ultra Race) event in 2010, have thought about completing one,
or are a seasoned endurance athlete, you will benefit greatly from this semiar.
Cost is $20.00

Nutrition Class
Thursday, Dec 16th at 7pm
Cost – $20
We’ve some new material for you and some suggestions for maintaining a
healthy diet during the holidays.

The Calendar is almost ready to print! 
Yes, The Women CFW 2010 Calendar will be ready very soon.  It will feature tasteful presentation of 12 or CFW’s "typical" women and the proceeds will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and The Wounded Warrior Project. 
Girl Fight!
Taylor and Dawn go head to head.  Friendly competition
is such a motivator.  It’s going to be a fun time in Durham this weekend.
Anyone up for wagers…   Zach B. of CFW vs. Kent S. of CF Hickory?
CrossFit:  Tabata these…
8 rounds of 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds recovery of..
Clean & Jerk (135lbs-M / 95lbs-F)
8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds revovery of…
Row for distance
Weightlifting: Class at 7p
2 position (hang and just below knee) Snatch: 1 x 6
Heaving Snatch Balance: 3 x 3

0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/8/2009

  1. No GOOD says:

    SO today was my first day back for the morning crew!!! And it was lacking in the CREW part, where did everyone go? Anyway, great WOD today! I will add that even though it is a TABATA, you should really attempt to do FULL LIFTS. Espically if you have been through the oly class, but again these are just my views! Have a great day!!!

  2. abby says:

    I am excited for Tabatas!!! RNG sorry the CREW was minimal today they were there YESTERDAY!!!! Darren it was GREAT to finally meet you! I have heard such GREAT things about you its nice to have you here! thanks JD for yelling at me during my WOD lastnight…It really helped me move FAST! Meg your pullups were INSANE! I am soooo pumped for you! I wanna squat like Taylor though!

  3. abby says:

    I am going up in the AM too…not sure if I am participating yet…so that will make a difference in what time i leave!

  4. Sensei says:

    EVERYONE: If you are going to Durham, post a short message when and how you are going up there. Bridgitte and I are planning on meeting at the box at 430 am. but I haven't heard who else is planning on that as well. I have space for three. Let's plan this out so it's all set! SO EXCITED!

  5. Maura says:

    I am headed up there around 7-8ish. If any other spectator wants a ride they can jump in with me. You'll have to find a ride home with someone else though, I have a hockey game in Garner.

  6. Julie G. says:

    Sensei..I would like a ride on Saturday morning. I can be at the box at 4:30am. Let me know if this is OK otherwise I may go up night before.

  7. Meagan says:

    Abby thanks girl. It has taken me a while 🙂 I wanna be like Taylor too. She rocks. JD and I are both going to Durham the night before and staying with a friend.

  8. taylor says:

    Thanks Meg and Abby 🙂 Those wishes make a girl feel all fuzzy and warm! Scott, I plan on getting to their gym at 7:30, Dawn and I are crashing up there the night before so we will be close and ready to go early. Welcome home Darren. Oh Abby, just wait till he starts yelling/cheering at you…it won't be such a pleasure to meet him then!!! Hate to say it, but yes, I missed you big guy.

  9. andy c says:

    Sweaty, I will be at the gym on Saturday, normal hours. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go up on Sat. Too many X-mas parties this weekend. Good luck to all.

  10. maria says:

    Not sure when I'm heading up for Sat's contest. I may go up the night before and stay with a friend in Raleigh, or I may meet you guys early Sat AM. If I go up Sat, we can maybe all fit in my car…I'll let you guys know as it gets closer.

  11. Bridgitte says:

    I am planning on going with the early group…Sensei-are we sticking with 430 for spectators or you wanna back it up a little bit (maybe 530is? I don't think it starts til around 9)