Fundraiser for the families of
SGT Jody McPherson and John Velandra
CrossFit Wilmington has been a part of the Wilmington community for 2 years and wants to show appreciation for making our expansion and growth an exciting reality.
We are hosting a cookout in celebration of our move to our new 8,000 sq ft building on Saturday,
January 30th from 10am – 3pm. Food will be served at 12:30.
We are taking this opportunity to help the families of Wilmington Police Officer, SGT Jody McPherson and CrossFit Cape Fear owner, John Velandra.
 SGT McPherson, a Wilmington Police Officer of 12 years, died of cancer in December 2009 leaving his wife, Debbie and two year old twin sons, Joseph and Jacob. 
John Velandra, a former member of the 75th Ranger Reg. and 3rd Special Forces Grp, was a vital and active member in the CrossFit community.  One of the first CrossFit owners in NC, he was killed in a vehicle accident on Jan 6 enroute to open his gym for their "morning crew". 
Proceeds and donations will go to Jody and Debbie’s son’s college fund and John’s memorial fund.

Tomorrow night at 7pm, Dr. Eric McGraw of Active Care Chiropratic will be with us to speak on injury prevention and care and longevity in athletics.  There’s no cost, take advantage of his knowledge!
Stereotypes exist for a reason…
Don O. was quoted as saying "Those aren’t mine.  You pigs set me up.  I was framed!" 
4 rounds for time of…
50 overhead walking lunges (35lbs-M / 25lbs-F)
10 handstand push ups
20 KB swings (16kg-M / 12kg-F)
15 pull ups
Shawn K. splits 225lbs

  The weightlifting classes did a phenomenal job on executing the clean and jerk.  The current group has all been doing CrossFit for some time and with a little fine tuning of their skills, they are putting out some great numbers.  When learning a new lift, it’s never acceptable to attempt max efforts, but everyone continued to add weight to the bar while maintaining good form.  Max PR’ed his clean at 195, Mike S. Clean and Jerked 195, 105 for Angela, and we psyched Maria S. into PR’ing with a 145lb C&J!!! The AM crew did just as well with Maura and Tracy nailing 105lbs, John and Shawn (pictured) hit 225lbs, and Sandra, newest to CF and Oly lifts hit a solid 95lbs. I can only anticipate what is in store for this group.  -Dawn

Snatch  80% x 1 x 5
Hang Clean 80% x 2 x 3
Overhead Squat  110% (of snatch) x 5 x 3
2 rounds of CF WOD (if time permits / don’t skip OHS!)
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row
30 seconds on / 30 seconds rest x 6

0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/27/2010

  1. Abby says:

    Seriously…this Oly class is CRAZY good! Maria I was so impressed by your EFFORTLESS 145# CnJ! WOW! You all just stepped onto the NEXT level! Great job!

  2. t. says:

    Maria's lifts, Angela's, Sandra's, all the participants are nailing the lifts. AND… Chris T. is getting developing the flexibiblity to go with his strength!!! ha. Just pickin' on Chris. And how would've thought… Mike Sorg is trainable!

  3. Angela says:

    This may have already been addressed, however, since Saturday is the big event…when are we doing the Sat OLY Class? Friday Evening?

  4. Tracy says:

    Hi Team!! Great things are happening!! Maura and I have been PRing all over the place! With front squats and the clean and jerk! The Oly class is awesome! Tony thanks! Confidence is building!! Looking forward to Saturday!! Have a magical day!! PS…I have been on Paleo for 4wks…but I plan on having one of Taylor's delicous cupcakes on Sat…oh I cannot wait!!