Thanks so much to everyone that came to the volunteers meeting last night!  We’ve a small army comprised to help with the fundraiser’s events.

     Rick Thomas, from Wilmington Ice house, is donating Learn to Play Hockey Programs for Kids and Adults.  Justin Taylor, from Socceroos, is donating a 7 week, children’s indoor soccer development program for ages 24 months to 11yrs. Phil and Kenny, from Cape Fear Soccer, are donating a summer and spring camp.  Mark, from GNC Mayfaire and University Center, has donated a $100 gift card. Mama Fu’s has donated a $50 gift card. Hard Wire Tattoo & Piercing is donating 2, $50 gift certificates, and 5, $10 off coupons. Josh Payne and Artfuel Inc. are donating 2, $100 worth of chair time along with T-shirts. Jennifer Saucier, of Prima Day Spa, is donating a deep tissue massage. Troy Champagne from I.H.O.P., has donated a $25 gift card. Jim’s Pawn and Gun, has donated a Glock 19, a Surefire flashlight, and apparel. Ricky, from Shooters’ Choice has donated a Marlin, Model 60 .22 rifle and 2, one year memberships, valued at $240 each. Extreme Outfitters is donating knives and flashlights. Reef Surfwear is donating a watch and shirts. Clair Atchinson, of Quality Clean Car Wash, is giving away a interior/exterior car detailing. Greg Hoss has donated a picnic and cooler set. Tri Sports is giving away compression socks, shirts, and performance apparel. Eric of Muscle Driver USA has donated a 14kg kettlebell. Scott Stalls has donated a 2 night, 3 day cruise. Jina Sheabaner, owner of Della Testa Hair Design, is donating a haircut. Jack Joubert, is donating an original  painting. Dan and Rachel Joye are donating a Prehistoric Megalodon shark tooth. Bryan Watkins, from Shaolin Kempo, is donating 1 month of MMA classes.   Christine Watkins, owner of Pet Nanny, is donating pet grooming. Rip Curl is putting together a package for us.  Aaron Lawrence is donating 2 months of kids jujutsu and a women’s self defense session.  Mark Tyndal, from Wild Wings Cafe, got us 2 $10 gift certificates.  I would also like to mention Mark Oliver, manager of Wrightsville Beach Harris Teeter, is providing all of the hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, ice, and plate ware. Laura Justice has provided all of the condiments. There has been a pig donated as well. Last but not least David Boron, from Fresh Point, is providing us with all of the fruits and vegetables!
Each of these items will be either raffled or rewarded for placing in the events of the day.
A donation for a plate is $10. A plate and 5 raffle tickets is $20. 5 additional raffle tickets are $10. The purchaser chooses which items he or she puts the raffle tickets on. 
The events are; max weight bench press, max tire flips in 1 minute, max rep pull ups, a timed CrossFit workout, as many reps as possible of overhead squat (95lbs-Males / 65lbs- Females) and a Kids CrossFit event.

Chris, aka – "Sweaty" PRs and sets a CFW record with a 280lbs push press!
5 rounds for time…
5 hang power clean and jerk
5 power clean and jerk
5 clean and jerk
class 6am and 6pm

23 thoughts on “Posted: 1/26/2010

  1. DC says:

    My lord.. thats a huge list of prizes.. Damn I wish i could be there for this.. I hope the news shows up for this..Great job sweaty!!

  2. ChrisJ says:

    I witnessed this Push Press in person. Sweaty is not human!

    GREAT job to Tony, Julie, CFW for organizing what will be a wonderful event this weekend. It's heartwarming to see the community step forward to help others.

  3. ChrisJ says:

    DC mentioned the news…anyone made contact with them? They would absolutely show for this. Can likely have the radio stations broadcasting from the parking lot too! I have a couple of contacts if you need me to reach out?

  4. kent says:

    Damn i wish i could be there..Oh wait thats DC's line. Reminds me of Durham! Good luck this weekend guys and gals I hope you raise a ton of money

  5. Jen S. says:

    Wow! Apparently CFW sure is lovable! What an outpouring of support and what great causes! I am so proud to be a part of the CFW family!
    Freaking awesome Chris!!! You are such a svelt beast now! (:

  6. Sweaty says:

    Thank you everyone, the only reason I have achieved things like this is because of the support and encouragement from my CFW family. Joining crossfit is the best decision I have made since going back to school and is the thing I look forward to the most everyday. Hopefully I will see you all this saturday, but it just happens to be the first Rugby match of this season. Im hoping it will be at 11, that way I can come at about 1:30 and maybe bring some hooligans along with me from the pitch.


  7. t, says:

    WPD's PR and spokesperson is supposed to contact the media but I'm not sure she's done it. Anyone with contacts feel free to let them know! If you can get them to come out before this week and let us chat it up, that would the best possible.

  8. Ju says:

    Thank you Kent. Chris 98.3 will be there, but we have not gotten in touch with the media. Aaron mention a contact that he might have. So if you have any, it would help.

  9. brockwilson says:

    Pullups AND Handguns! Count me IN! Tony, do you have a schedule of the events set yet, and if so, will you post it, or is it a play it by ear sort of deal? There's a strong possibility I will postpone our MURPH at UNCW and get some WOD time in with you all, depending on your schedule. Looking forward to it.

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