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The "New" CrossFit Nutrition Certification
    I was invited by Dave Castro of CrossFit HQ (the fella talking to Dawn in the video on the mainsite) on Thursday to attend the first CrossFIt Nutrtion Cert since Robb Wolf was let go from his duties as the CF Nutrition Cert Instructor.  Hosted by good friend John Velandra at CF Cape Fear, Dr. Barry Sears presented this cert.  
    Knowing the information discussed would differ some from what Robb presented, I quickly accepted and took Dave up on his offer.
    Dr. Sears talked about inflammation, it’s causes, it’s cures, prevention, and how controlling/reducing it improves health and athletic performance.  Most of the information was helpful, but there was a lot of review for me.  I’ve read most of Dr. Sears books, referenced studies, and published studies.  Especially his work with successful athltetes.  The Zone Diet works…  no doubt in mind about that.  I’ve seen it improve many athletes’ performance and it will melt the fat off a weightloss candidate. 
    Dr. Sears also spoke about certain fats and its contribution to silent inflammation.  Most of this information was new to me.  I’ll be researching this stuff in the next few days and will include my finds in my next nurtrtion class (tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Dec 17).
    My only real complaint was, and it applies to the Robb’s course as well, is that it isn’t in depth enough.  I want to hear about the endocrine response, molecular and cellular level stuff, and the real biochemistry of it all.  However, most of the attendees at the both of the nutrition certs I’ve sat in on were new to the concepts of nutriton, diet, and how their importance supercedes training and exercise.  Most of the questions from the group we more like "how do I get client A’s wife to agree to eating like I’ve Rx’ed for he/she".  This type of question tends to frustrate me, as it has nothing to do with nutrition.  But, the trainer asking that question, more than likely learned a lot from the intro level material and will be more able to help his/her clients move towards proper feeding now.  So that’s a good thing.
    Ask and yee shall receive… 
Actually I didn’t have to ask.  Greg Glassman spoke after Dr. Sears, covering his experiences with improving athletes’ performance with The Zone.  He said it was his intent to expand the nutrition cert to cover much more information and ever fully accredit it.  I hope to see that class really soon.
     So this week will be a good one.  We’ve the Carolina CF Challenge at CF Durham this weekend.  Dave, one of the owners, was at the nurtiion cert and we talked about it.  It sounds like he and Greg have things sorted and we should have a very fun, competition laden day on Saturday.  I’m excited to see how all of you do and yes, how our crew compares to other NC CFs. 
    I don’t expect the wods to resemble the heavier stuff I post, so our conditioning to moving the heavier weights in metcons, I don’t anticipate to be a huge benefit.  But, since you guys and gals are used to throwing around 135lbs instead of the typical 95lbs (95 versus 65 for the gals) , my guess is well do fairly well amongst the competition.
     No matter how we do, it’s going to be fun.  We’ve 21 folks signed up to compete and I don’t know how many going in support (we don’t spectate). 
   I’m looking forward to easing back into some rehab work this week and seeing you all train with dedication and focus.
  Thank you all for making CFW the phenomenon it is.

Some pics are just funny.
Bar MuscleUps can be a bit rough on girls…
Mere finds good use for the AbMat.

The Endurance Sports Training Seminar
has been rescheduled for
Wednesday, Dec 15th at 7pm
We’ll present Anaerobic Endurance / CF Endurance’s tempo/interval
programming, how it works, the physiology behind stamina training, and why
it is superior to conventional to conventional long, slow distance endurance "aerobic" training.
If you intend to complete an endurance (Triathlon, a 5k or 10k, half marathon, marathon or even an Ultra Race) event in 2010, have thought about completing one,
or are a seasoned endurance athlete, you will benefit greatly from this semiar.
Cost is $20.00

CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach 
and owner Karen Reilly, a.k.a The Chic from Holden Beach, is hosting a 5k run and 1mile Dog Jog on Dec 12 to benefit Paws-Ability.
So for those of you that aren’t going to Durham you now have
a fun event you can attend a bit closer to home.
For more info go to


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  1. Em says:

    t…looking forward to any new twists you've come across with the nutrition class, although I won't make it to the one on the 17th (somebody take notes for me). Looking forward to this Saturday..supporting our competitors, hanging w/ fellow CF peeps and celebrating Josh's Birthday [oops did I let that slip ;)]…have a great week all!

  2. Julie G. says:

    Tony I saw the Sears clip on the main site yesterday and I have alot of questions. I too will miss the 17th due to work. I have really strayed away from zone but remain Paleo. There is so much nutrition information out there it is easy to stray in the wrong direction. I will hit you up after you have digested the Dr Sears material. I am excited about the competition this week. I will be leaving early Saturday am so if anyone Has an open seat or needs a ride we can work it out this week. I think I saw a meet up at the box at 4:30 Saturday?

  3. Scott S says:

    t- When do we need to be at CFDurham on Saturday? Do the WODs start at 9am sharp? I may priceline a hotel room near the airport. You can usually get a room for under $50 on a weekend night.

  4. scott p says:

    FYI: the toys for tots motorcycle ride is today at 12. it goes from harley shop on market to eastwood, down oleander, to 3rd st, then back up market st. there is usually over 600 bikes in it. if you are in a hurry today try to avoid these areas.

  5. Bridgitte says:

    Julie- I posted 430 meetup when we thought it started at 7…sounds like registration is 7 and events start at 9?? so maybe meetup like 6-615is??
    Had a good time last night ladies!! sorry I had to take off early!

  6. Julie G says:

    Bridgette I will e-mail Dave at Durham and ask but the site says "Athletes must sign in from 7-8am on Saturday the 12th!" 2.5 hours at speed limit to Durham so I would feel better on a 4:30-5:00 am departure to be on the safe side if we have to sign in to compete. Anyone with solid info chime in.

  7. t. says:

    Showtime for competitors for registration is 7am. I'm not saying it's ok to be late (ever), but there will probably be a line at 7am of competitors that live closer to Durham. That line may be a bit shorter by 8am. I'm just saying…

  8. Julie G says:

    FYI from Dave at Durham Crossfit…..
    we need all of the athletes to sign in between 7 and 8am. even if people are registered there is a chance some won't show up. we will hold an athlete meeting at 8:30 and start the first event heats by 9am. any athletes that show up late may not be able to participate

    hope this clears it up. let me know!


  9. Meagan and JD/Justin says:

    Hey CF fam. JD and I are going to have a cookout tonight. It is super last minute. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken. Give us a call if you want to come. 910-352-5114. We will be partaking in food around 6:30-7:00ish. 🙂