In February we are increasing our fees for new members.  The new rates will better reflect the quality equipment, facilities, and most importantly, training we offer yet still be below the average rates of most CrossFit facilites.  They are as follows…

Fees for members joining February 1, 2009 and thereafter.
membership (open gym) – $65 
membership + 6 classes – $90
membership + unlimited classes – $130 / month
$10 off for all Mil, LEA, first responders, family members, and students.

CFW differs from most affiliates in that we offer an open gym option.  Typically CFs only offer classes at scheduled times that are strictly adhered to.  When we opened, it was our intent to offer the open gym to folks that did not need extra instruction.  However, this evolved into our staff giving many hours of instruction with no compensation. 

In the next few months, open gym members will experience a reduction in formal training as we shift more attention on our class participants.  By focusing towards our classes, CFW is also considering closing open gym for two hours a day (one morning, one evening) for classes.  This will better facilitate and improve the training quality for those members that do seek and pay for the training provided in our classes. 

The classes may seem expensive.  But if you compare them to an hour of personal training at any other gym you’ll find otherwise.  The local rate for personal training is $60-$100…   per hour.  That’s alot of cash for someone to watch you do cable crossovers and bicep curls.  In contrast, our unlimited class option provides an instructor everyday you train for only $130 / month.  That’s less than $5 / day. 

CFW offers the most professional athletic training by the most experienced staff in eastern NC.  Our facility houses the best equipment and gear of any fitness facility in the region. 

CFW is commited to always improving upon our current status.  These changes are the next step in doing so.

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