Open to any and all, bring friends.  Beginner or advanced, rain or shine, we will meet at 1pm at the Wrightsville beach soccer field (adjacent to the basketball courts).  Don’t be late… Fun starts at 1:30pm!

NC / SC Affiliate Gathering at CF Ocean Isle Beach
    Yesterday, Karen (the chic from Holden Beach), owner of CrossFIt Ocean Isle Beach, hosted a group talk among CrossFit affiliate owners of NC and SC.  I want to seriously thank Karen for organizing and hosting the event.  It was very productive.  
    Karen has been involved in the fitness industry for much of her adult life and has been doing CrossFit for more than a year and a half.  She really dove into it head first by opening her own affiliate last summer.
    She’s now a Level 2 trainer and the CrossFit HQ training staff think enough of Karen, they invited her to join them.  Karen is interning with CrossFit HQ as an instructor for the Level 1 cert…  congratulations Karen, you’ve come so far since we met you in the summer of ’08.
    Karen organized the event in an effort to bring together new affilitate owners with more experienced owners in order for the us all to benefit from each others experiences and lessons learned.
     So we were honored when Karen invited us to lead a discussion for the group.  We talked about our Oly program, open gym option, and our coaching methods and principles.  We also talked a little about reaching out to sport specific trainers like we do with powerlifting coach Will Kuenzel, Oly lifting coach Chris Wilkes, and multisport coach Glenn McCarroll.  It was good discussion that yielded many queistions, and hopefully, answers. 
    Also in attendance, and bringing the most experience in athletics and CrossfFit, was Andy Hendle of CrossFit Charlotte.  A former college and professional football player, and a host of many CrossFit Level 1 certs, Andy is a no nonsense trainer and runs his facility as such.  CF Charlotte has produced very high calibre athletes.  So anytime a CF affiliate owner has an opportunity to discuss business and training with Andy, he or she should take that opportunity.  A big thanks to Andy for coming all the way from Charlotte to chat with us.
    Eric of MuscleDriver USA came to hear our "wish list" of equipment.  Of course we asked about durability of equipment. Ha.  We mentioned our fundraiser on the 30th with Eric and he donated a new kettlebell for us to add to our prizes / raffle items.  Thank you Eric and MuscleDriver USA. 
    We learned a lot from the discussions. 
    After the formal talk, some of the affilitate owners went to lunch.  The ever popular discussion of quality, or frankly, the lack thereof in some CrossFit affiliates, arose.  This is, as most of you are aware, an interesting topic for CFW’s staff.  We talked about how we, the CF affiliate owners and instructors that take real pride in our work and our members’ successes, could help rid the CF community of the lesser quality affilitates. 
    Positive peer pressure and reaching out to help those affiliate owners rise to the occasion was one of the suggestions.  But, like in our situation, you simply cannot influence or peer pressure someone into conducting their business with intergrity and professionalism.  It’s something your parents were supposed to instill in you way before you are old enough to attempt to operate a business.
    We reached the conclusion that Coach Greg Glassman is right in that the market will decide and bad gyms and "coaches" will simply not make it.  It’s too bad, because while they are on their way out of business, they put a black eye on the name of good CrossFits.   And though it may take a longer than we would like, good practices will trump bad anytime and the crappy CFs will go away.
    CFW is, always has, and will continue to set the standard in Wilmington, and all of Coastal North Carolina in CrossFit, professional training, and ethics.  We are proud to have built a facility based around mutual respect and admiration for all our members, their families, and our instructors.  It’s with great pride we have a facility that young ladies and feel at ease and not be hit on by a "creepy" trainer only looking to score.  We are happy to say we are the go to gym in Wilmington for CrossFit workouts and instruction.
    Thank you to our CFW family for making our CrossFit, CrossFit Wilmington, a facility we are proud enough of to use our entire name in everything we do!
Julie E.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/24/2010

  1. t. says:

    Daaaang! Italians are passionate. I think Juju is more fed up than I am.
    The affiliate gathering was great. Thanks Karen!

  2. Scott S says:

    Julie – Good writing needs passion and you got it! I am impressed! You nailed it – we can only do things the right way and cannot worry about anything else. Unfortunately, there will always be those seeking something of less value, of lower quality and an easier path. We can only do what we know to be right and the right people will find us.

  3. Sandra says:

    you guys are amazing in the box and It's great to know that you are out there benchmarking and leveraging from eachother. I'm happy to say the news about "less quality" affiliates is brand new. CrossFit Wilmington is the best. That's all I know! And me and my CF peeps are the lucky ones.
    Thanks guys.

  4. jj says:

    in⋅teg⋅ri⋅ty—–1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. INTEGRITY……the hardest thing in the world to keep, and the easiest thing to LOSE. Great stuff Ju!!

  5. Jason Beninate says:

    Julie is in attack mode! Clear the way! You tell 'em girl. CFW is miss that joint and wish I could see the new one…maybe in June when I'm stationed in Jacksonville. Keep setting the standard.

  6. Sensei says:

    To thine own self be true. Set the standard and be an example of discipline! CFW does it, and always has. The Martial Arts world is PLAGUED with this type of thing too, which is why I am and always will be a part of CFW. JJ said it: INTEGRITY. Thank you!

  7. Angela says:

    Sunday Funday Runday Crew – This morning I had a Long Slow Distance relapse (the weather was just so nice I couldn't help it) and therefore will not be joining the run today :/! Have fun and Ill see ya this week!!!

  8. t. says:

    I wasn’t sure about posting this today. But I too am simply fed up. I would actually love to recount all the details of the bs I’ve had to put with from the owner of CF Coastal. That way you would all know just how tolerant and patient I have been. Only a few of you are read on to all the mess. I’ve always taken the high road and just ran CFW the way I would if there we only one CF in Wilmington, or ten. On one hand, I know that they cannot compete with what we have here. But on the other, when one affiliate degrades the reputation of CF as a whole, we suffer. It’s frustrating. My staff and I, with the help of our members, work hard to maintain CFW’s quality and reputation. But when it’s undermined by the shady actions of someone else… it really brings us down. The most frustrating part is there not really much I can do, but keep on that high road and ride it out. I could complain to CF HQ… but that’s not my style. I’m not a mommy’s boy tattle tail. Though my friends at HQ are all very aware of the troubles I face and are very supportive. I’ve tried face to face communication. That just ends up as a complaint to HQ full of lies. Is there anyone that knows me, that thinks I’d ever threaten anyone??? I mean, if I threaten an insecure child with just my presence, that’s not my fault. That’s more of a lack of self-esteem issue in the threatened subject. I carry myself with confidence, but I don’t mean to scare anyone. Ah… but that’s the fun of it all, I guess. All I can do is reaffirm my promise to you and all of Wilmington, CFW will continue expand and offer more of the high quality training in the comfortable environment we always have. One of my most proud statements is that we’ve a place women can train without the worry of being hit on by trainers or even other members. We will also continue to set the example. You’ll not see me straying from my paleo diet, out drinking in bars, and certainly not smoking cigarettes. I am not perfect by any means, but I am no hypocrite. I will continue to train and attempt to keep myself in top physical condition and challenge our firebreathers as long as I can. As you can tell, I’m over trying to contain my thoughts about our problems with CF Coastal. I do not want anyone to say anything about the staff there that is untrue. But no longer should you adhere to my requests to hold your tongue either. Nor am I trying to perpetuate any drama. I am all about openess and honesty. I don’t censor or screen this comment section. I’ve no reason to. It’s an open forum. Tell us how you feel. I just want to make it clear the olive branch has withered and died.

  9. Em says:

    Hell yeah! CFW is the best, and EVERYbody knows it! The weak and pathetic will fall..and I know lots of people that look forward to that day. Not for revenge or "told ya so" rights, but so that the biggest, badest and BEST facility in the area can do what it does best, train athletes and produce results, without negative crap from others! Hold your head high CFW! Proud to be part of this family!

  10. confucius say says:

    "if you sit on the banks of the river long enough you will eventually see the bodies of your enemies float by"

  11. abby says:

    CFW is integrity! From Owners to Trainers to Members we all seem to hold that standard high. We have a leader in Tony whose motivations are never in question. He acts right, talks right and his preformance proves it. Yes CFW still has a good time together. Friendships have been formed. we may have drinks on weekends together or tacky christmas parties leading to dancing…but always we remain mature and tasteful. These are the kind of people whom i like to surround myself and I thank my lucky stars that Johnny V made me contact Tony instead of CROSSFIT 'no name' down the street…i would have quickly became MISERABLE in NC!
    This weekend will be a true testement of the CORE of CFW…bringing a community together to honor heroes fallen and support our community in the most selfless and caring way possible and WILMINGTON sees that…look at the donations offered..the volunteers that are helping, the people driving HOURS to come support CFWs efforts to HELP! BADASS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Em says:

    Tony…thank you for being the leader that you are…I know of some of the difficulties you have faced with Mr No-name, and as tempting as it has been at times to retaliate, you have held firm to your integrity and the type of environment you want CFW to have. I thank God everyday that when Josh was talking to CF people in this area, he ended up working with you…SO thankful..God knows how much trouble I would be in had it started the other way! ;-/.
    And, thanks for leading the run today….first run for me since October, so I was a little nervous, but it felt great. Thanks for cheering on the stragler!
    I can't say it enough…I am PROUD to be part of this family…CFW is the best!!

  13. drew says:

    Like i told someone a couple weeks ago… my first experience with CF was with CFC. Thankfully esko had a friend (chris faulk) who talked us into checking out CFW before I made a decision. I will just say this: i learned more in 2min from and dawn and julie at my and eskos intro course than my entire research prior. I'd just like to express my gratitude for helping me not join CFK (crossfit kindergarten). Its nice to know i can walk in and not interrupt a womens only class everyday, i thought that was what "lady of america" was for. Hell, our women most of the time are setting the standard.

  14. Andrew says:

    Core Values (Loyalty, Integrity, Professionalism). Some people have them; some people don't. There's a reason I choose to train at CFW and call Tony a good friend.

  15. Brock Wilson says:

    Hello Tony-
    As you're aware, but perhaps your staff and membership is not, we (Jason Albertson and myself) have started a CrossFit affiliate under the umbrella of the Wilmington Athletic Club. Right now our membership is drawn exclusively from the WAC's member pool. The end result being Soccer Mom's abound and firebreathers are few and far between. In that regard, as well as scope, geography and physical plant, we are a long way away from CFW for sure, and possibly CFC.

    On occasion, the subject of the other local affiliates is brought up by my members to me. My response is always to say that " I'm familiar with CFW from last May's Burgener cert and November's Wilkes Seminar. They run a good shop, with good programing and their athlete's put up good numbers. As for CFC I dont know much about them."

    My concern is that somewhere in the mix of who said what to whom about who, something will be misconstrued.

    We are a newer, smaller affiliate with (by virtue of our GLOBO GYM parent) peculiar circumstances and frankly, lower ambitions than CFW and perhaps CFC as well. As such I want to get out ahead of any rumor that might cast us in an antagonistic light. I hope I'm articulating well…

    On that note. The offer to you and your staff remains. Come use the pool for a WOD! Tony, we had also briefly discussed you presenting an Olympic seminar/class at TowerCrossFit. I'd like to pursue that as you see fit.

    Brock Wilson

  16. Taylor says:

    Hey Brock!
    I have heard great things about you guys at WAC, mainly form DJ Struntz. I know some women who go there and when I ask if they get out back and try the CF, they say NO WAY and they are scared. I quickly tell them there is nothing to be scared of and that they should really try it out. You guys have a very tough battle over there, Im sure, because a lot of the members are not familiar with the CF training. But, I also know the people that have tried it out, love it and have so much possitivity to share about your program. Good job for spreading the word and good training. Hope to meet you some day and see you at a workout 🙂

  17. Dave B says:

    I'm pretty new here but have been in 4 affiliate in NC…I have honestely learned more in 3 weeks because of the detail and dedication in the training staff and the results from the whole group…the cream always rises to the top and you guys are there!!!

  18. abby says:

    Oh a pool! I know if it was presented at CFW to do something organized with a local affiliate our box would have a good turnout we try and support our community…it has never been about the caliber of athletes from box to box…its about the caliber of coaching and professionalism. What makes a good box is not the # of clients that can do muscle ups or 160# OHSs. A firebreather doesn't have to be the one who puts up the best #s…it can also be those that simply LOVE and enjoy CF everyday and feel "off" with out it! No one is EVER judged at CFW and we have a WIDE WIDE WIDE variety of athletes both In fitness levels and age. Its awesome how harmonious it is everyday at CFW.

  19. No GOOD says:

    Ha ha WOW!!!!! As I sit cramed up in the back of this pick up Heading home from an amazing weekend snowboarding. I am getting caught up on my read…. Last week tiny turned me lose on cf comfots site. Funny thing is they have to approve all comments. So I would say victory on that on. Everyones words are amazing and I love the support for our BOX… As CFW grows faster and larger daily our actions will speak louder than words, I will add don't let it rent space in our heads anymore!!! Now moving on to something really amazing!!! A challenge has been placed by friends of CFW. Jake and his staff o Navy officers at NC State rowed a marathon on Friday. They did it in 3:34. I'm doing it on Tuesday. And I'm shoting for 3:30. Any takers? I will add that the NC State crew follows our site only!! And they will be here for sat. See you all in the am. Let me know if you want to row I'm shooting for tue morning! Sorry for the spelling errors to hard to fix on the iPhone.

  20. brock Wilson says:

    Hello Taylor- Thanks so much for your kind words. They are appreciated! We JUST TODAY had an really fun tire dragging WOD that was possible only through your donation. You're always welcome to come by and workout/swim with us.

    And Abby, same to you. Perhaps we should formally host you guys for a pool-centric WOD. I fully agree with your words on the caliber of athlete being secondary to the quality of coaching. On that note, while I'm forced to scale numbers back a bit, I regularly steal wod elements and schemes from CFW. You have some really good, creative programming.

    Regards again.

  21. Karen (the chic from holden beach) says:

    Tony, Julie, & Josh-

    Thanks so much for your help in making the first annual Carolina CrossFit Affiliates Symposium a success!! It was a great day and I (as well as the other affiliates) were able to pull a ton of info from each other in order to help make our businesses a success, which was the whole point! I really look up to you guys at CFW and I am glad that a year and a half ago when I googled CrossFit in NC- your website came up first! All I needed was the one visit to CFW where you guys talked to me about CF for about 4 hours straight- I was hooked! I am thankful for this awesome network of core affiliates in our area— and I am glad that we can thrive off each other. I hope that we can get our affiliates together in the near future–and I'll be coming up there soon to pick your brain some more and help you out with Mind Body 🙂

    And Julie- as far as those crappy affiliates out there go- as my boyfriend always says "They can hate if they want to but they're wasting their time! Let the losers worry about losing BAYBAY!"

  22. Tracy says:

    I love CFW!! But you guys already know that!! Hey Brock would you help out the triathletes of CFW and help us with our swimming?? Thanks!

  23. t. says:

    Brock, thanks for offering. I emailed you (finally). We have to organize something to get our clans together. And folks… if you've never done a pool/CF wod, you're in for a treat. The word crossovers come to mind.

  24. Noelle says:

    Oh a swimming WOD is on!! I'd love that. And Julie – great post. We are only a reflection of our CF Wilmington "parents." You guys have changed my concept on everything. I know I'll be healthier in my future, and continue to achieve a higher level of fitness than ever before… 2010 baby!