This Saturday, Dec 5th we’re running the CrossFit LumberJack Workout in honor of the 4 members murdered by a coward on Ft. Hood. 
We’re going to open an hour earlier, at 9am, on Saturday to facilitate the event.
Click here to read more and to donate to the families of the slain:

Our next Olympic Weightlifting Class begins this Saturday, Dec 5th
In the spirit of the holidays, we’re discounting the cost from
$150 down to $100
The sign up sheet is at the front desk.

CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach 
and owner Karen Reilly, a.k.a The Chic from Holden Beach, is hosting a 5k run and 1mile Dog Jog on Dec 12 to benefit Paws-Ability.
So for those of you that aren’t going to Durham you now have
a fun event you can attend a bit closer to home.
For more info go to
 Zach and Daniel…  225lbs Back Squats – 3 sets 30 plus reps
Feel the burn?
Core/Midline Work – for completion (no time component)
60 turkish get ups (30L / 30R)
50 weighted box steps (25L / 25R)
100 flutter kicks
30 weighted ghd back extensions
20 weighted ghd sit ups

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  1. t. says:

    Ok… so now that I’m back among the living, walking, and breathing, I want to thank everyone for checking on me, cooking for me, supplying stronger meds, massages, calling, and asking about me. I want to commend our crew for running the gym so well while I was out. This was the first I’ve actually been completely disconnected from the gym. Even when I’m overseas, I have quite a bit of interaction with everyone and with the daily ins and outs of the gym. I cannot express how much I appreciate not having to worry about anything but getting healthy. You may not have realized it, but Josh has been doing the programming of the workouts for the last 3 weeks and I’ve been nothing but impressed. And from what I’ve heard, you’ve been challenged well. That thruster/burpee workout had me ready to up my dimerol dosage and come in to the gym and try it!
    Again, I just wanted to thank you all and my staff for taking such good care of me while I was beat up.

  2. Sandra says:

    Who sucked? Lol! Typos are the spice of life. Believe me, I know. Glad you're back Tony. Big ups to Josh and the crew for keeping things running smoothly. So, I have a hard time resisting a good deal – how many weeks are the Oly classes?

  3. Meagan says:

    Tony, we are all so glad you and Julie are feeling better and back in the gym. Thank you all at Crossfit to pushing us day in and day out. You all ROCK! Dawn…I really want to take the Oly class again if I can work it out with my work schedule. I loved it.

  4. Colleen says:

    Tony, very glad that you are felling better!! It was also very AWESOME to see that Ju was (or at least seem to be) feelin good too, ran the wod with me yesterday. . . and still kicked my booty 😉 Welcome back Mom and Pops!!! HUGS!

  5. Sensei says:

    T. It is truly you, and your crews ability to be thankful and humble that are the cornerstones of our boxes ambience and special closeness. We all want to look out for you, simply because of the way you look out for us. Day in Day out, period. Josh was "okay" I guess, if you like slinging a 95lb bar around all the time for litteraly hundreds of reps. I personally am looking forward to more of your "add 150lbs to a WoD that already makes you change your shorts when you read about it" programming! 🙂 Julie, Dawn, Abby, Thomas, JJ, Andy, Bridgitte, Josh, …..Jeeze…am I forgetting any coaches? You guys are awesome! When I drive into the parking lot at CFW and see any of your cars there, I am excited! Excited to have you critique my form, push me further than I would myself, and have a good conversation, and great laugh! I started this note, on the thought of "thankfulness" and I think that that is just it, each and every one of us in the gym, newbies, oldies, and Zach all deep down inside realize how amazingly special CFW is and we want to show gratitude every, every day!

  6. t. says:

    …the posts are like big hugs. I feel all warm now. Oh, sorry I just spilled my coffee in my lap. It really is nice to know you all care.
    SO… it looks like we have 19 people signed to compete in the NC CrossFit Challenge. This thing is going to be fun. I hate being injured and not able to compete, but that’s how it flows sometimes. I hope the workouts CFD have planned have some weight in them. The ol’ Jazzercise weights most CFs Rx are just boring. If it’s the ol’ 95lbs/65lbs then maybe we’ll see if our ladies can move up to the guys weights! hahaha. And Kent, if you’re reading this, Zach said you can go ahead and get that Pukie tat covered up with a portrait of him.

  7. kent says:

    I was sitting here today watching the videos of when my old ass came to CFW and smoked Zach like cheap crack i had to laugh. The whole thing was just way to easy. Zach aka "baby huey"i guess i could make room for a portrait of you i could put right beside the one i have of your mom!Now some of the CFW losers who read this might want an explanation as to why the name Baby huey is my nickname for Zach. Baby Huey was a cartoon that i am old enough to remember. He was a baby duck who was big,strong,clumsy,slow and not to bright, but he was lovable. That is how i look at Zach just like baby huey. Seriously whats gonna be even funnier than beating Zach is smoking all 19 of you this time around. CFW does the W stand for wimp or wussy?? With much love the winner of the Carolina CF challenge
    Kent Stamey
    Crossfit Hickory

  8. kent says:

    Daniel, Im impressed you can spell geriatrics. Were you even around when i was at your box? Oh yeah you held my water bottle or no you were the one who was coughing so bad from my smoke..

  9. kent says:

    if i beat Zach and the rest CF wimps eating Big Macs Imagine how easy it is gonna be this time around. Seriously, what do you guys have???? Dawn?? She is just a girl who dates a guy with a girl name. WTF is that about? Dont even get me started on Josh! Is he gonna do the whole dumbass reverse mohawk that looks like a walking toilet bowl brush..Geez almighty this is to easy

  10. No GOOD says:

    To start this with a quote from Tracy Morgan.."Ha Ha…WOW!!!". I can't belive Kent went right to the mom. He really should get off the mom jokes like CFW just got off his. And let's go over the "W" in CFW. Let's use some words like Winner,War,Warrior's,Warpath,Wrath,Withstand,Weather,WILL, and Wrecked! See an attack on one is an attack on all. Sad part of this frendlu bantar is that CFD proably doesn't have 19 1st place trophys for CFW. But that's ok we don't need a trophy for all those that we are going to leave in our WAKE!!!

  11. Sensei says:

    SUP KENT!!!! You still preparing with Big Macs and McRibs? McDonalds sponsorships for CF Hickory shirts huh? Never woulda though.

  12. No GOOD says:

    This is really a lot of fun however, we here at CFW take no challenge lightly. SO I will end this with we are to busy to reply because we are doing our WOD which always inculed OLY and METCON. 8 days and a wake up to Destruction in Durham!

  13. kent says:

    Daniel, Im impressed you can spell geriatrics. Were you even around when i was at your box? Oh yeah you held my water bottle or no you were the one who was coughing so bad from my smoke..

  14. kent says:

    WOW! Really? OLY and Metcon? You guys are badass! No GOOD shut your man pleaser go back to your gay porn sites! This is where the big boys play! BTW this ends when i say it ends! I, ME, Kent the great is the current reining CF champ of CFW.

  15. kent says:

    Claire, Yes but your stuck with that name and face the rest of your life. Oh and a girlfriend with a bigger snatch than you…sad sad sad..Gonna be easy pickins in Durham

  16. drew says:

    In un-shittalking news, anyone want to do this Lumberjack WOD tomorrow? I'll be out of commission this weekend w/ drill. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up at a certain time, I have the whole day off. Also, I hope to be in attendance to see CFW spank all the other affiliates.

  17. Clair (kents hero) says:

    Come on Mr.Stamey do You honestly believe Im gonna feel threatened by that Ive only heard that 2dozen times today thus far,BTW you're the one that has "PUKIE the CLOWN" embedded in his skin for the remaining part of his life,and honestlty that isnt much longer, I'm estimating less than 2 weeks now,no worries though I will be sure to gather a good eulogy for OL'Kent from Crossfit "HICK"ory !!!!!!

  18. Dawn says:

    Kent, if I am not mistaken I don't recall seeing you on the podium in Ohio to make it to the Crossfit games. Oh wait I think I saw you in the crowd with your tacky a** clown t-shirt… oh wait that was your skin, whoops!! No really, thanks for the sh*t talking, we get so bored of beating everyone’s a ** that this might actually stir it up a bit!! You guys are great, this is going to be fun, see you soon!!!
    BTW not only is my snatch heavier than my boyfriends, my snatch is much prettier than yours or any of those soccer moms you coach in your one car garage!!!

  19. Sensei says:

    Ooooooo Snap! I didn't know they put one car garages on trailer homes? Those scars on Old Man Kents hands from doing so many pull ups? nope, they're from changing the tires on his house! This is gonna be great! Love the S*&t talk!

  20. No GOOD says:

    Kent I was not aware that inmates had this much Internet time. Should you be useing it to surf gay porn… We do hope the govenor gets that pardon done in time for your release to compete on the 12th. And we are all looking forward to seeing your new jail house ink.

  21. drew says:

    Dear Kent: your, you're. They are two different words. When YOU'RE down in Durham next Saturday I'll be sure to add the lesson in along with the other ones CFW will be teaching.

  22. kent says:

    Dawn,your a girl you and what you have to say doesn't count.So go back to cleaning and washing Claire's panties!Claire stop having your girl friend take up for you! You should stay home just because of that. No Good,The gay porn reference was already used by me on you! I guess your just to stupid to think of your on stuff. Gay sensi I'm glad you were able to rack your little pea brain and come up with the ooooooo snap saying. What happened? Were you sitting by your computer racking your brain for something to say and a Wendys commercial come on? Your a genius! Josh ask your wife for your balls back and then maybe just maybe you'll be able to

  23. Dawn says:

    Attn CFW members…. tonight is our last night of Volleyball. Come to Capt Bill's to support your Crossfit team tonight at 630!!!

  24. DC says:

    WOW.. This is tooooo FUNNY.. 1st T glad to hear your feeling better, 2nd Great job to josh and crew. 3rd I wish I was going to be there to see all the smack talk go down. 4th.. Kent you are too funny, but I also remember you freaking out when you were down at CFW cause you needed to get your wods up for the Qualifier and CFW took care of it.. So in the long run of things you might talk smack about CFW and our MONSTER but you need us.. hahah. So tell your clown to go smile that.. ALSO HOW MANY OF YOUR LADIES ARE GOING BESIDES YOU.. OR MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST JUST SEND OUR LIL MONSTER UP THERE?? And how long you been doing CF 60+ yrs now?? I think CFW has been open maybe 2 so that 58 plus yrs of experience you have on us on cutting corners on making your time faster while we don't cut we just do faster and to think you needed to come on OUR site to find something to push yourself faster.. While I'm sure most haven't even thought twice about you and your old clown.. Sorry we have you in your wheelchair shaking and sweating and we haven't even gotten there yet come on grandpa.. haha.. don't break anything on yourself.. To my CFW fam.. see you guys soon can't wait..