“Tag you’re It”

-Groups of 2: 1 person working at a time.
4 stations ..
Station 1-150 Air Squats.
Station 2- 150 Slam balls.
Station 3- 150 Wall Balls (20).
Station 4- Farmers walk around building with (50/25 lb dbs) .
Station 5 (Buy out)- 800 meter Sledge hammer partner run(Station 5 is everyone’s last event)..

Rules- When partner A is at station B for Stations 1 & 2… Partner B is in plank position at front of class. Vice Versa.
When Partner A is a Station B for Stations 3 &4… Partner B is performing Mountain Climbers at  front of class. Switch.
*You can break it up/ divide how you choose.

8:45 am