We changed the workout at the last minute for today. 
The FGB Championship Workout will be held on our grand
opening day of the the new gym. 
From this…
To this…
In three days!
Thank you so much to those that help make the move happen.
For time…
50 kb swings (24kg / 16kg)
50 GHD sit ups
50 box jumps
30 kb swings
30 GHD sit ups
30 box jumps
15 kb swings
15 GHD sit ups
15 box jumps
Weightlifting: Class tonight at 7pm
Hang Snatch  75% x 2 x 2
Snatch  80% x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk  80 % x 1 x 4
CF workout from 30 reps


0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/29/2009

  1. Megan says:

    I'm sooooo excited to start working out again!! See everybody soon!!! The gym looks GREAT…BIG improvement since I saw it on Sat!!

  2. DC says:

    Man this looks great!! wish I could be there to break it in.. sorry I didn't get the chance to really see eveyone..but ill be home in march!!

  3. Yolleen says:

    WOW!! I am speechless! It looks awesome and I think what makes is look the most beautiful, is knowing all the heart, sweat, tears, and maybe some blood 🙂 that went in to this!! I can't wait to break her in tonight. . . oh yeah!! (she may eat me up, but I'll still show up) 🙂 Have a great day all!! PS: BYE DC, it was awesome to see you 🙂 Stay safe my friend!

  4. Tracy says:

    Amazing things happen when you start your day with CFW! My adrenaline is pumping!! I smiled almost every second of this workout..haha!! Its a goodie!! The people are awesome! The new gym is awesome!! Thanks Julie and Tony for making this happen!! Bring on 2010!! Have a great day!!

  5. Angela says:

    (1) We aren't doing FGB Championship today?! I seriously have been trying to calculate my methodology for this for the last 24 hours…There is a possibility I had dreams about it last night. Oh well, now I have more time…and this WOD looks like great fun! (2) The Box looks wonderful and I am stoked for tonight. (3) Have we added a dog/kid daycare yet? haha

  6. Noelle says:

    Seriously guys… this looks amazing. t and julie – THANK YOU! Question for everyone – I'm putting together a 5k team challenge, and I'd like to have all the money go to wounded warrior. Who do you guys use/who would my contact be? See you guys tonight!!

  7. Justin M says:

    The new place looks straight nasty. And I'm so happy we're not doing FGB today! That workout is seriously too hard

  8. Scott S says:

    It's official – you can get better WOD times at the new box. Maybe its the bigger space, or more light or …. fear that the huge skull on the wall is coming after you! Congrats to the CFW team for making this happen.

  9. Jill P says:

    I second Scott's comments..this new space will bring inspiration, motivation and determination to us all!
    Thanks Tony and Julie for giving us this space..it is the best gift of the season!

  10. Don O says:

    The new digs are awesome….Thanks guys for the new place. Now I would like to personally thank all my crossfit family for the ongoing support! Jody was a great partner and greater friend. He will be sorley missed. His passing was a life changing event for me. So I ask all of you to show your love for each other

  11. Ju says:

    Christina, happy birthday! To all of you that helped with the move, thank you so much! Taylor, I love our new skull!

  12. maria says:

    It felt soooo good to do a wod today. It felt even better to do it in our new space. I have to say I was a bit nervous about the new location…wasn't sure it would harbor the same feel and intensity. I am not worried about that anymore. It definitely felt like CFW in there this AM..just BETTER. Thanks for all the hard work everyone! Thanks for finding the perfect spot Ju and T. Don, I have you and Jody's family in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Rachel says:

    Place looks great! Can't wait till next week when I can finally get back in. 2010 is going to be great! Man I miss everyone so much.
    Don O you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Christina, Happy Birthday!
    We are heading to Florida tomorrow. Every one have a fun and safe new year! 2010 is going to be great at the new box! Happy New Year to all!