0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/25/2009

  1. Sandra says:

    Feliz Navidad my peeps! If you haven't heard … I GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT!!! – woo hoo!!! Tnx for the calls and messages (Tracy, Megan). Julie, I think you yelled louder than I did – awesome! Thanks fo the support lady!

  2. taylor says:

    Merry Christmas everyone…yes, you TOO Kent! I know you love us. You're a little scared of us, but you love us 🙂 Sandra, Congrats, Im here waiting with beautiful designs when you're ready. TOny & Jules,the rest of the fam, big love to you. Perfect timing Tony, thanks for new space, new push into the new year. xoxox

  3. Colleen says:

    Merry Christmas CFW Family!! You are all SO special in your own way, and I am a better person for having each of you in my life. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day!