Ross E. on passion and why it gives purpose:

WOD:  1 Max rep set of each with 2 minutes rest between sets.

OHS (95lbs/65lbs)
Pull Up
Deadlift (135lbs/95lbs)  Up and back down is one rep. Do not drop!!
Push press (95lbs/65lbs)
Front Squat (95lbs/65lbs)
Post number of reps for each and total. 
On all exercises, once you drop or drop off the bar, the set is over.  Deadlifts included!


0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/22/2009

  1. DC says:

    Jill what you don't love me anymore… lol.. whos this Lazy hurt fool Ilario your talking about.. I bet he does yoga and spin classes.. lol.. and it a great pleasure to push and see you do better.. That goes for everyone who workout with us..

  2. ilario says:

    I miss my morning motivation squad (I'm taking a little R&R) and its killing me that Jill is getting in more WODs than I am! Hoping to return by Monday…

  3. cody d says:

    Hey Don…I got my first muscle up today!! 2 of them. You were my inspiration since I have a "getting kicked in the kidneys" fetish