CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach 
and owner Karen Reilly, a.k.a The Chic from Holden Beach, is hosting a 5k run and 1mile Dog Jog on Dec 12 to benefit Paws-Ability.
So for those of you that aren’t going to Durham you now have
a fun event you can attend a bit closer to home.
For more info go to

Our next Olympic Weightlifting Program starts this Saturday
 The programming is Monday thru Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday and Saturday with group training classes on
Tuesday night at 7pm and Saturday afternoon at 1pm.
$150 for first time enrollment and 1/2 off for second enrollment.

Abby – handstand pushups
She nailed the top time on yesterday’s workout with a 23:15


Combining the girl’s "Fran" and "Nancy" into one WOD for time…

21 Thrusters (95-m/65-f)
21 Pullups
15 OHS (95/65)
400 m run
15 Thrusters
15 Pullups
15 OHS
400 m run
9 Thrusters
9 Pullups
15 OHS
400 m run

**We’re foregoing the run portion of this workout due to the wetness that came with the rain!  Don’t worry… it’s still a good workout.  You can replace it with a 500m row if you so choose.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/2/2009

  1. Em says:

    Way to go Abby!! You're a machine girlie…didn't even look tired last night 😉
    Here's wishing everyone a great day!!

  2. Chalk bucket says:

    I didn't have my stopwatch but I know it was under 8 minutes. I murdered her I mean I murdered Francy. I'm like a dang Navy Seal and Olympic gold medalist wrapped in a suit of friggin' armour. I friggin' ELITE!

    Sorry to read about your Grandmother's passing.

  3. Julie G. says:

    Josh You and your family are in my prayers today. Abby I think you landed in the right box. Way to go.

  4. Jen S. says:

    Abby you are a ROCK STAR!!!! I guess you were doing more than 3 double unders at a time. (o:
    Josh so sorry to hear about your grandma.

  5. Abby says:

    Haha Jen thanks and yes…things just came together for me lastnight…but those are the kinda WODs i am used to…plus T snapping pics makes you wanna get done a lil faster!
    different note…I am so excited to work with Dawn for the Oly Lift class! Anyone who is thinking about doing it SHOULD! She is an amazing coach on these lifts and I am SO excited to lift BETTER and HEAVIER with her help!!!!
    3rd note CFW gals are trying to get together on Saturday Dec 5th…maybe food and dancing! Details are not ironed out yet! i am new here ladies! soemone take the reigns and tell us where to GO!

  6. Sensei says:

    SWEATY, and ANDREW: If you are planning on coming to class tonight, please wear workout PANTS. We will be doing some throws and Jujutsu and the carpeted mats will take your skin off! See you tonight! How's this "francy" treating everyone? I want to hit it tomorrow!

  7. ilario says:

    Josh, I'm so sorry. Abby, Congrats! Team, I'm likewise sorry, i won't be with you all in Raleigh, but I know you all will CRUSH IT! Sign me up for the Oly-class, i will miss the first week (on road). If any of you are on the fence about it, this is my second time and it is truly awesome.

  8. Justin M says:

    I like this one.
    Tony — put up a good WOD on Dec 15th (like, no burpees or HSPU). I should be in town then. I might stay until Christmas.
    I wanted to go up to that comp in Raleigh but my last exam is on the 14th.
    See you all in a couple weeks. You can make fun of me for being out of shape.
    And Abby, whoever you are, awesome work. I still suck at these haha.

  9. t. says:

    Hey All… we're cutting the run out of the workout today because of the rain. You can replace it with a 500m row if you would like.

  10. taylor says:

    Ill be hitting it tomorrow with you Sensei, I chickened out today because of the rain…oh, and because i can't walk, bend over, move fast or do much of anything with out grunting in soooo much pain–Im soo sore!! And such a wuss, I guess. Too many days of too much. Tomorrow its on! I know, suck it up. Ill dry my eyes and put on my big girl panties.

  11. CFW girl says:

    What a great WOD today! Abby, great job! HSPU are my nemesis. Josh, sorry to hear about your grandma.

  12. Meagan says:

    Hey guys. Miss you all. Josh sorry to hear about your grandmother. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I missed seeing you all today. I will be back in on Friday I hope. What is it about mom's wanting to fatten you up when they see you? She gives me NO spare minute to workout and everytime I turn around there is food. 🙂 I miss the pain and soreness already! Abby~girl you rock. HSPU kill me. They stare me in the face and laugh at me! Way to rock out the WOD yesterday!