CFW Holiday Hours
24 DEC Thrusday / Christmas Eve: 7am – 2pm
25 DEC Friday / Christmas Day: Closed
26th DEC Saturday: Closed
27th DEC Sunday:  12pm – 3pm
2nd Annual Championship Fight Gone Bad


 Meagan at the Carolina CF Challenge
For Time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of… 
Deadlift (315/225)
Push Press (185/115)
Snatch:  2 x 4
Clean & Jerk:  1 x 5
Front Squat: 5 x 4

0 thoughts on “Posted: 12/21/2009

  1. Jen S says:

    Nice Job Meagan…you are one sexy beast!!! Hey Everyone! We are having a new years eve party at the farm! 1818 Highway 210 West (33 Rowan Road for those with GPS) Hampstead. I would love to have each and every one of you there. We'll have a bon fire and hopefully a band and maybe even a fire twirler. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Love!!!

  2. No GOOD says:

    YEAH ITS MONDAY!!! Sandra thank you for hosting the tacky sweater party! What a great crew we have!!! Good times had by all! For todays WOD, if you have anything else to do like repaint the Mall I suggest you do that instead ha! Anyone up for GUP (Grand Union Pub) tonight?!?!

  3. Scott S says:

    Megan – You don't know how much you inspire the rest of us. Doing WOD#2 with 1.5X body weight was truly amazing. We are proud to be in the same gym as you!

  4. Abby says:

    Jen that sounds FUN! If I can figure out the kiddos…count me in! Any moms out there that know of sitters? have kids that sit? ANYONE!!!! I am pumped about todays WOD!!!!
    NO GOOD…what time you GUPin' it???

  5. Sensei says:

    Good morning all! Looks like a great WoD, I think I will need to change it up a bit…perhaps by visiting CF Albuquerque! I hope everyone is well! We had a GREAT TIME FRIDAY!!

  6. Tracy says:

    Maura great working out with you this morning!! Clint good to see you!! and our sweet loving Josh…watch out he is the weight fairy aka..putting weight on your bar when you are not looking! Much love my friend!! See you guys tonight at the Pub!!

  7. Tracy says:

    Meagan Woohoo!! Looking good girl!! Hey Team!! I bought a pair of 5 Mens DoWin oly leather shoes(white and black) they are too small. Anyone interested in buying them from me? $96.00 ($89+$7shipping). If so give me a ring and I can bring them up to CFW for you to try on…620-9513.

  8. Meagan says:

    Thank you Maria. It was my pleasure competing with you. I am telling you…we have some strong women! You rocked all 3 WODS. 🙂 I need to get up earlier so we can workout together.