2 thoughts on “Posted: 1/2/2010

  1. taylor says:

    Ilario, another Ironman?! I thought that was just training for the qual's…which due to your New Years Resolutions, I know you will make it! My pleasure to stamp my emotional and artistic blood sweat and tears on the wall. Soon enough, it will come- I look forward to that first WOD that makes me want to cry and quit. Im going to look around and remember how I promised to keep pushing. To go beyond. To ignore the 'Exit now' option. I look forward to the new surroundings and new faces. Keep me true to my goals. Don't give in, don't give up. In fact while you're at it: do it faster and stronger! Yep, I look forward to that. Soon enough, we will all be there. Hating every stinkin minute of it. Then loving it, cause its OVER! 2010 baby. Damn…it here!

  2. St.louie says:

    Ok who is going to fox n hound tonight for the fights?
    lets get a head count so we can get the tables like last time. Ryan 910-443-4385

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