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  1. Andrew says:

    Hey bro, you did awesome at the event. Sorry I had to bail out before you finished up. Sounds like I missed an epic push.

  2. Angela says:

    Last night I acquired a jacket (someone left it at beach house and a blackberry (Ryan, I think this is yours). Not sure what time I'll make it to the box, trying to catch up on some work…therefore, just give me a call or post on here and we'll figure it out. 336-469-9366
    Also, thanks for having us sandra. Great time guys.

  3. Josh says:

    Sandra, Thank you for the great party last night! It's always awesome seeing everyone together. My Mom couldn't stop talking about how impressed she is with each and everyone of you and the closeness we have as a family. Plus the fact that you guys kept her cup filled all night

  4. Zach R. says:

    I don't know how many of you are up for back-to-back festivities, but if you are, then read on. I can't match T's "gone 7 of the last 10 Christmases" but I can say this will be my first Christmas home in 4 years. As a result I think it's appropriate to chalk up and murder it. My room-mate (former CFW'r Nick Karnaze)and I are hosting a "Bad Santa Bash" tonight at our place on Front St. I won't be able to feed everyone, but there will be a solid spread of beer, mulled wine, mixed drinks and nog. The theme is "Bad Santa Bro's & Naughty Santa Ho's" but don't feel like you have to dress up unless you want to. Our parties usually go in 2 parts: 9-midnight and then around 2-? after the other local establishments shut down. So if you're going to be downtown, swing by for some holiday cheer. 109 S. Front Street (above the bar Elixir, across from Reel Cafe and Barbary Coast.) Or give me a call/text 760-285-7959

    And Sandra, thanks for hosting last night, it was a great time.

  5. ilario says:

    Sandra, Wonderful evening! JP and I had a blast. To the fam: we love you and we are grateful for you all! We smiled as we drove home. Thanks for making this year so special, team. 2010 Baby!

  6. Sensei says:

    Sandra, you are such an incredible host. Thank you so much! Everyone,……just, Thank you for being who you all are and such close friends of mine. I am so honored.

  7. Sandra says:

    Thank you to each and every one of you for coming, cooking, bringing, dancing, serving, cleaning, searching (phone- in Rachel's purse. Look out), toasting, smiling and enjoying eachothers company. Funny how I get the complements but they are for us all. The members of our family make it what it is. I'm in SC for the rest of the year so I wish you all happy holidays and a kickass 2010- in a new location- woo hoo! I'm thinking 80's theme = ). Just a thought… Xoxo

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