Open to any and all, bring friends.  Beginner or advanced, rain or shine, we will meet at 2pm at the Wrightsville beach soccer field (adjacent to the basketball courts).  Don’t be late… IP is punctual and 2pm means it starts at 2pm! 

"The Women of Cossfit Wilmington" 2010 Calendars are here! 
Purchase them at the gym or stand by, we are setting up a Pay Pal account solely for the calendar.  It will be up asap.
Cost is $25.00All proceeds go to 
The Wounded Warriors’ Project and The Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

   WOW! The last two weeks have been great.  I want to thank everyone for the help on the move, bringing in new clients, attending classes, the hard work, and your patience with us as we work through the nuances of moving to the building.
  It’s not too late to get in on the Oly course.  The AM’s first class is Monday at 6am.  If you want to do the PM class, you can do Monday’s first class to get started.
  We’re doing another nutrition class on this Thursday evening at 6pm.  And we have Dr. Eric McGraw coming to speak on next Thursday.  Don’t miss them. 
   The next big thing I really need your help on is the Grand Opening on Jan 30.
   Don O. and I decided to make it more than a CFW thing, and do something for the sons of Sgt. Jody Mcpherson and John Velandra’s memorial fund.  So the CFW grand opening is really a fundraiser for the families of two great guys that gave much to our communities, Wilmington and CrossFit.  So I ask for your support in making this successful event.  It means a great deal to the people that will benefit from our efforts.  Please tell all your friends and family and join us for a cookout, a workout, and a few friendly competitions.  Oh, and there will be lots of prizes and donations to raffle off from local business and establishments!
2010 (baby!) thus far…
Christina’s first pull up! 
 I usually don’t make a big deal out of a lady’s first pull up.  I mean, we congratulate and commend and love seeing the sense of accomplishment… but it’s just not surprising to me anymore.  But Christina deserves some props on this one.  We were all messing about last Thursday night and she looked up at me and said "wanna see me kipping?".  Before I could give an answer, she jumped up and ran over to the bar and did her first pull up.  That’s hot!  -t.
Taylor… form follows function.
Thomas and Abby teaching the deadlift to Amanda and Rose – productive.
(Dang…, Abby’s jacked!)
Brad finishes December’s Oly course with new maxes.
Thomas and Abby playing hacky-sac with a 45lbs db – not so productive. 
Julie’s on the road to recovery!
She’s stronger than many injured, so we can’t wait to see a healthy and strong Juju
attacking the workouts again.
Josh and the youth class.
January Weightlifting Class
This is Maura’s second Oly class… she’s not forgotten the lifts.
So… what if you could teach a bear to Oly lift?
This is going to be fun!
New to CFW, but not to CF, welcome to Max and all our other new members.
Finally, I get Tracy in an Oly course…  yes!!!
Ask to borrow some of Tracy’s enthusiam, she has extra.
Thanks again to everyone for making the first two weeks of 2010 more exciting than we could’ve imagined.  We’ve 15 new members and 5 more signed up for the intro on Monday!  The energy in the gym is better than ever. 
2010 Baby!
 R.I.P my brother, our friend.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/17/2010

  1. DC says:

    GRRR.. I'm so mad I can't see all this excitement that is going on.. But so glad to hear it's happening.. Christina Great job girl.. I know that was something you wanted for a long time.. Now just stop taking so many breaks and you'll be busting them out!!I'm so glad 2010 is starting off right for us. I can't wait to be back and see it all first hand.. I've got a few suprise for you guys too.. stand by to see.. see you all soon. and to our new members well To CFW and I look forward to meet you all soon.

  2. ilario says:

    ***Weather ADVISORY: Check in at 1pm*** Rain is one thing, but the torrents that are coming down now would make a group work out tough to see, much less communicate. Safety is important to CFW so standby. It is supposed to let up by midday so check back to the site at 1pm and we will make a go/no-go call.Semper Fi. And T.: thank you for sharing all these wonderful pics! What an amazing visual story.And Olympia, the Calendar is Soo beautiful- you really tell a story of grit, beauty and power. DC, your energy still fills the room and we can't wait for your safe return. Chrisina, Congrats on you PU! I remember the first time I climbed the rope (w/o legs). I wouldn't have done it without DC pushing me. I was afraid to fall, but DC coaxed, prodded and inspired and ultimately miracled my…up that rope, and once i had broken that psychological barrier, I went up and down 3 more times. I just needed the push. we all do. Congratulations again, and thanks to Caleb and Zach for setting a bar yesterday, and to RNG, or doing that beastly tire-WOD TWICE, just to make sure I wasn't alone. Who does that?!! What a team we have. What a team.

  3. DC says:

    Hey gang.. so those of you who are looking into doing TRI's or looking into buying a road bike or Mountain Bike I found a website you need to check out.. you can save over half the price of these bike.. check it out..

  4. t. says:

    Nice workout IP! Viggo has remedial PT b/c of his lack of fortitude and dedication on the run.

    Oh… btw, Thomas did yesterday's workout w/ the 540lbs tire in 11 min. That's bad**s!

  5. No GOOD says:

    There are almost to many coments to comment on ha!!! Triple T DAMN SON!!! Run day was awesome!!! I think T and Ju Ju need to change Viggos food . Look forward to a great week!!!!

  6. abby says:

    Jacked and hacky sack… love CFW! Excited for the grand opening and fundraising! I just know it is gonna ROCK!