0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/16/2009

  1. DC says:

    So our brother Ilario asked me what a good workout would be for today if he had to lay off the shoulder. So I start flipping around looking at WODS.. Came across a wod thats 400 m of walking lungs.. And I say Damn.. Now most of us know it's COLD outside today.. 24'F. Well Ilarios like oh i got that. But we all know how silly he is.. He bumps it up to 800m of walking lungs. but wants to do 1 mile of it..but has to make his pilates class… lol so in 24'F weather he did 800 m in 23:23(mins:sec).. My hat is tipped off to you on that one my brother.. cause its Cold and 800m most people hate to run.. great job.. Crazy man

  2. scott p says:

    nice wod today. running in 20 degree weather made my toothpicks(legs) feel like ice picks!! but i think it made me run faster or it could have been trying to keep up with don o. thanks for pushing me to run don.

  3. DC says:

    And T I thought you were being nice today… I've seen some of the wods for next week that we have put up… HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  4. DC says:

    By the way i just want to say I LOVE the pic today.. I think we need this at CFW… Cause some of you take a bath in it to do 3 pull ups.. and leave it all over the gym.. lol. Next Sunday we are going to go do paintball for those of you who want to go.. We will be in Hampstead. Plan on spending about $50.. Thats gun rental, air, mask, and paintballs.. If you are bring someone who has no gear let me know so i can let them know so they can be prepared for us. thanks

  5. CB says:

    Yes, those were my chalk handprints on the floor yesterday – sorrrry! And, Ilario, next time you can carry your backpack full of rocks for the lunge wod – just for fun. Look forward to next week – tomorrow even… TGIF!!! Have a good weekend all…