"The Women of Cossfit Wilmington" 2010 Calendars are here! 
Olympia and the ladies put together a gorgeous display for the benefit of our wounded soldiers and the families of our fallen.
Purchase them at the gym or stand by, we are setting up a Pay Pal account solely for the calendar.  It will be up asap.
Cost is $25.00
All proceeds go to the
Wounded Warriors’ Project and The Special Operations Warrior Foundation. 
CrossFit Wilmington upcoming events…
A.M. Olympic Weghtlifting Course
This go around we are offering a 6am Olympic Lifting Course to the morning crew and you early risers.  The initial class will be this Monday, January 18th at 6am.  Subsequent classes will be on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
P.M. Olympic Weightlifting Course 
Our evening/Saturday course will begin on this Saturday, January 16th at 11am and weekday classes on Tuesdays at 6PM
Dr. Eric McGraw on Wellness, Injury Prevention and Care
Thur, Jan 28th – 7pm – No Cost. 
Nurtition Class: Paleo / Zone Eating
Thursday, 21 January at 6pm

DC and CF crew pre-workout.
CrossFitPartner workout
"The Dirty Dozen" 12 RDS for time…
12 Push ups
12 Jump Squats (65lbs-M / 45lbs-F)
12 sumo deadlift high pulls (65lbs-M / 45lbs-F) 
*Each teammate does one round before next starts his/hers.  Each person does 12 rounds
Endurance Sport WorkoutBike, Swim, Run, or Row
Tabata: 20 sec work / 10 sec recovery x 8
P.M. course starts tomorrow at 11am sharp – do not be late!
A.M. course starts Monday at 6am sharp – don’t be late!


0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/15/2010

  1. t. says:

    Yes! Benson rocks. Maybe now we won't be so "scary" and "intimidating". Hahaha.
    The Calendar is a beautiful work of art. Ladies, you should be very happy. Olympia did a phenomenal job. Wow. Again…, Wow!

  2. taylor says:

    Its a 'his' and 'hers' kettle bell up there in the corner, how cute. Is that Julie and Tony?! Yes, great new look, warm and fuzzie 🙂

  3. Sandra says:

    GOOOOOD MORNING, CFW! (singing) It's Friday, It's Friday, shake your booty, it's Friday! Have a wonderful day and a rocking WOD.

  4. DC says:

    Nice work yet again "O" and ladies you all look super amazing!!! T. the new look is great.. So i overhead some guys talking about a 12 mile ruck march that going on at 6 am.. guess who somehow thought it would be fun.. ME!!! lol.. CFW does something to your brain that makes stuff like this sound fun.. I'll be sure to post my time.. bring on the 12 miles.. and a 35 lbs ruck..

  5. ChrisJ says:

    Fellow "100 Days of Thrusters" challengers (all 4 of us that are left!!!), we have hit the 75% mile stone today. Keep up the good work! The home stretch will be the toughest, especially if a day or 2 is missed…but don't give in now! We are too close not to complete this challenge. And, we'll be better for it…I know I am and will. -ChrisJ

  6. Shawn K says:

    Loved the jump squats in this workout… haven't done those in a really long time. So whats the deal with the 100days of double unders? How many are added per day?

  7. DC says:

    kent hahahah.. I know right i was wondering the samething myself.. I guess i got what CFW left you from the A## kicking they served you at the Challenge!! Talked all that smack.. but hey theres always the next event!! But don't worry there will be only 1 Camera on me the next time you see me.. And it wont look like this..

  8. Sweaty says:

    We are currently on day 8 of 100 days of Double unders. Each day 4 is added, thats 4 for day 1, 8 for day 2 etc…. The buy in for today is 144, tomorrow's would be 180.