Before and After…
Everyone experiences changes at CFW…  it’s easy to assume Zach showed up already strong, ripped, and turning out vicious times on all the workouts.  No, not so much… even the young monster has berfore and after pics.
Zach in Febuary 2008, 230lbs of chubby 19 year old w/ 255lbs overhead vs. now…
205lbs and much stronger, more powerful, and pictured double undering
his way 19 minute Filthy Fifty
WOD: 4 rounds for time…
4 Deadlift (315lbs)
2 Rope climb
3 Hang Clean (205lbs)
4 Muscle Ups
Rest 10 minutes
For time…
Row 500 meters
30 push ups
Row 500 meters 
20 push ups
Row 500 meters
10 push ups

0 thoughts on “Posted: 11/2/2009

  1. No GOOD says:

    Glad we all survived Halloween. It was awesome to see everyone out on sat. Great job to the oly class lots of knowledge and form was acquired. I have not heard from anyone who ran the halfie. Good job to all tha did. Wilkes team thanks for not canceling. What a great class. Cfw family if you have not gone to a nutrition class or done an oly class or the wilkes class try to make the next one that comes around. I have now completed all. I will also attend all again! I am a smarter athlete. I wish I actuall did this a year ago. It is worth the time. It was awesome to see Tony in the Wilkes class today getting corrections. I say that because you can always get better. When you see the boss doing it with you it is inspiring and it makes you want to drink more of the kook aid. Also this coming Friday, the 6th of November is exactly 20 years I have been a Marine to the day. If you like to join me I will take in the 630ish showing of men who stare at goats the head to maint st for a few drinks. I would love to share that evening with my cfw family. Have a great week see you Tuesday !

  2. Abby says:

    It was great to come out and support CFW runners! It was HOT and HUMID! I was thirsty and just standing there! Great work anyway guys and gals! No Good…i would love to come out..i will be on the hunt for a babysitter. If hubby is not working I will bring him out too! Congrats on your 20 years and THANK YOU for all you do and have done! So pissed I wasn't able to make it to Wilkes' Seminar…life of the ARMY wife and mom…kids can sure cramp my style 😉 lucky they are cool ass kids!
    Ummm and todays WOD looks BRUTAL! excited to see how my funked up lungs hold up!

  3. St.Louie says:

    The half marathon was hot humid and pretty much sucked …… But we all pushed thru and finished

    Count me in Fri

  4. drew says:

    Yea that half-marathon was pretty intense, and way more humid and hilly than I thought it would be. Thankfully though, the only sore parts of my body are some tendons in my legs; That says a lot about CrossFit that we do enough leg-specific exercises that I could just go run 13.1 miles and have little to no muscle soreness the next day. Thanks to everyone who came out and watched us hobble across the finish line! See you all soon!

  5. ChrisJ says:

    CFW, I have been fairly slack and not been by in 2 weeks. Feel like crap b/c of it! I was thinking there is a 100 day event starting today? Obviously since I haven't been by, I have no firm idea. Is there one and what is it and will someone sign me up? I'll begin tonight and be back tomorrow. -ChrisJ

  6. t. says:

    Did you guys get any pics from yesterday's run?
    The Oly sem w/ Chris and Cody was great. It's always good to train with other coaches. A huge thanks to the Wilkes for coming. We'll have back after Christmas.

  7. Yollen says:

    A BIG high-five to those that ran yesterday!! Awesome job! I heard the heat was intense and some people needed to go to the hospital, hopefully they are all good now! If anyone wants to come out this weekend for the Beach 2 Battleship. . . half ironman and ironman race, I'll be swimmin 🙂 maybe really early, so keep me in your thoughts. . . i understand 😉

  8. Julie G. says:

    Wilkes Class was great. It was good for me to hear that the full technical lifts performed correctly are not easy for all and require practice through repetition and coaching. So just like everything else if you want to get better you have to do the work. Just like RNG I appreciate all the extra curricular activities Tony makes available to CFW. RNG congrats on 20 years what an accomplishment and I appreciate your service and all that serve. RNG hope to see some funny, drug induced post the next couple of days from your surgery.

  9. bhering says:

    nice work shawn!! Let this be a lesson for the rest of us. Oh ha ha. whens tony gonna marry julie, teeheehee. Then come monday morning we get this hellsh WOD, SHIT! just for the record I wasn't laughing.

  10. Matt says:

    I'm really looking foward to this mini King Kong wod. I have to work late but I will try to make it in tonight. Otherwise, tomorrow I will do it.

  11. ChrisJ says:

    Thanks Ju. i still don't know what I'm supposed to do for the next 100 days…and if it starts today? Anyone got an answer?

  12. Sensei says:

    ChrisJ, 45lb Thruster! Woo Hoo! I am all about doing todays WoD tomorrow, I think I can handle RX'D!…'s just gonna take me an hour and a half! 🙂

  13. Noelle says:

    Rachel, Laura, Matt, Drew, Ryan – great job. The heat was intense. Heard lots of stories in the store yesterday of everyone having a hard day. Like Abby said – seriously hot and thirsty just STANDING there. Good news – the wrightsville beach half and full will be MUCH better weather! 🙂

    ilario – GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!! I'll be cheering you on from western NC. If I wasn't traveling I'd be there. I want a good race report after it's done! I'm inspired by your drive and commitment already.

    Question on the WOD…If you can't rope climb… or muscle up… what do you do? Can I just hang on Julie's back and let her climb?

  14. Rachel says:

    Finally time to give everyone an update on the race. HOT! and humid! Yuk! I love to run but not when it’s hot so yesterday basically sucked. Thanks to everyone that came out and cheered us on. I ended up with 2:04:47 17th out of 106 in age group 350 over all out of 1102. Laura ended with 2:03:05 7th out of 38 in age group 322 over all. I was a little unhappy at first about not getting it under 2 hrs but I know that yesterdays heat was about the worst condition for me to run in. That’s way I don't do races in the summertime! And maybe it’s an excuse for not meeting my goal but I feel good and happy about my race. Best of all was how good I felt afterwards. I usually get very sick after any race over a 10k but yesterday felt pretty good starting to get a little sore this evening but much better than times before. So am I going to change my training for WB in March? No not really even though I didn't have any great improvements in time (same time as last year) I feel that my body is not as worn down and that I did not have to sacrifice all my free time to running. I plan to continue with doing CrossFit endurance type training 2x’s a week but probably add a 3rd day of CFE into the mix about 6-8 weeks out. Oh and pray to the gods that WB half will be springtime temperatures!!!! Not summertime heat! See everyone next week at the gym …going cave diving! Yippee! I better get off the computer Blaine has just walked into the room covered in marker…says he's a clown…please let it be washable!

  15. BC says:

    Re: 100 Day of Thrusters: Today is day 1 of the 100 days of thrusters with a minimum of 45lbs. We do one thruster today, two tomorrow, three on Wednesday, etc. until we reach day 100 sometime in February. What is important here is to do the thrusters every day – don't skip days since it becomes tougher to catch up and easier to quit. On those days when you can't make it in the gym to lift a 45lb bar, improvise with a 45 lb object. ( ex. 45 lb sand bag, dumbbell or 5 gallon bucket filled with water (42lbs), etc.). If that is not possible, be sure and knock off the days missed at the earliest opportunity. The challenge is not in doing a 45lb thruster but being able to stick to something for 100 days.