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  1. Jen K. says:

    Dawn – great video of you on the main site!!

    Looking forward to having Mara drop in here at CrossFit Boston next week.

    Hope you all are doing well down there.

  2. taylor says:

    Dawn, you're so beautiful! What was the full workout? Man, anything that makes YOU that tired, Im thinking is pretty tough!!!You rock.

  3. KC says:

    Dawn's video almost made me cry there at the end. What an amazing woman and the family type relationships that have developed at CFW is pretty special.

  4. No GOOD says:

    SO I am up having trouble sleeping so what is the best cure to pass time…CFW. So I just watched the video, and if you heard that big explosion I just blew something up because I may have just cried! I love our BOX!!!! See you all in a few hours!!! Dawn YOU ROCK!!!!

  5. t. says:

    Maybe the Crippled CFW Crew should hang out late night RNG MB! I just watched the video. I'd almost forgotten how awesome it was to watch Dawn on this WOD. She was hurting bad and for one of the first times ever she was avoiding eye contact with me during a workout. Clair, Karen D. (The SpiderChick), and I were only a few feet in front of Dawn on the other side of the 4 ft spectator fence and plenty close to see every bit of pain and effort she was laying out. Keep in mind, this was the last of Saturday's WODs and though we hadn't spoke of it, Dawn knew that no matter how well she did on this one, she would most likely not make the cut to Sunday's rounds of competition. What does that matter??? Dawn, could've just opted not to do this wod and walked away. But that's called quitting by any other name. Some other "well known" CrossFit ladies certainly did. Nope… she attacked this workout as if it were the main event and 1st place was at stake. It was, finally, a wod with two exercises she was good at. She wanted it to count. And so it did. Chuck Carswell, her judge and friend of ours, kept looking up at us and smiling and shaking his head in admiration. You guys have all seen Dawn complete a workout… she does so with class and with no drama, no theatrics, or excessive celebrating. So there was no doubt watching Dawn's leg and foot shake while she clinched Dave Castro's ankle with a death grip that she was hurting. If it had been anyone other than Dave sitting there with her, I would've jumped the fence! But Dave and Chuck both gave Clair and I a nod to just hold for a second. And, as you can see, she was up and moving in only a moment. You may not have caught it, but if you listen to audio, Dave says to Dawn "Tony is proud of you" (of course I was/am). Dawn shakes her head and actually says "f**k him". Which is another indicator of how tweaked she was. She never shows any disrespect to me or her fellow CFW trainers, or even talks like that in general. In her defense Dawn had just heard me yell "shrug and drop under it!" and "keep your butt down!" no less than 20 times while pushing herself into the rev limiter! In her fatiqued state she thought she was moving under the bar faster than she was and had become quite frustrated with my cues. However, as the vid shows, Dawn quickly regains her professionism and comes to the fence to her support crew. I got my few words and told her how well she'd done and Clair stepped in and took over the hugging and petting. Ha. I think they stood there hugging over the fence for 5 minutes straight. It was a fun time. I was most certainly proud. Dawn has been a pleasure to train and tain with. To teach and to taught by. The girl has an eye for the movements and has grown into, not only one of the Fittest Women in The World, but also one of the best coaches in CrossFit. Oh, and yeah… after she watched the video and saw that she wasn't quite "dropping under" the bar and her butt WAS all up in the air, she apologized for the already forgiven f-bomb comment! Hahaha.
    Again, I consider it a pleasure to have the girl on our team.

  6. Tracy says:

    Dawn you continue to amaze me with your talent, drive and smile that we continously see at CFW! Way to go girl! Great video!!Tony very well said! Your an awesome Coach and friend to us! Thank you for providing us with an amazing adventure of blood,sweat and tears(yes I said tears cause I saw them about to come from my eyes yesterday) WOW yesterdays wod was humbling! But where can you go when you crumble and CFW is there to pick you up! Abby thanks for getting on the floor and telling me to get up after each burpee and your not quitting, Dawn thanks for saying come on Trace you can do it, Jay and Jen thanks for counting for me during my delirium of this thing, Ron thanks for saying this is not the hardest thing you have done and good ole Clair saying move that bootay!! Our team rocks! I appreciate the cheers to finish this thing! Now lets hope I have buns of steel from it!! hahaha. Much love my friends!!

  7. Meagan says:

    Dawn You Rock. You are an inspiration. You make everything look so easy. JD/Justin~the guy I married~came home and was bragging about how awesome you did on yesterday's WOD. You inspire me to do more. Awesome job at the games. I feel honored to know you. You are awesome!

  8. Em says:

    Dawn..just able to watch that video…so friggin amazing!! Proud of ya girl…awesome job!! And yes..I did tear up…I admit it…so proud of CFW and ALL people here…Dawn, you just captured our gym's greatness in that video!! AMAZING!!

  9. ilario says:

    "Tony is proud of you"…He is. And So are We Dawn. So are all of us at CFW. Jill watched the video this morning and told me about it breathlessly. Your fortitude as you battled through that pain was superhuman. Not in the comic book way, but in the literal Webster way: Etymology: (Latin) over, above. 1 a (1) : over and above : higher in quantity, quality, or degree than : more than <superhuman> (2) : in addition : extra <supertax> b (1) : exceeding or so as to exceed a norm <superheat> (2) : in or to an extreme or excessive degree or intensity <supersubtle> c : surpassing all or most others of its kind <superhighway>. DAWN, YOU GET THE POINT. What you did and what you do on a regular basis was "BEYOND." And we are all so grateful to have your example to follow! 2010 BABY!…PS Yesterday wrecked me! WRECK: "to reduce to a ruinous state by or as if by violence." Thanks Josh!

  10. Jae says:

    Great video! Dawn you are an amazing person. It was great getting to meet you in July when we visited. CFW has amazing athletes! Wish we lived closer so I could participate in these WOD’s with you guys.

  11. c.faulk says:

    Dawn you are a great coach and a amazing athlete you never hold back.When you hear 3-2-1-GO!you put it all on the line and push hard as hell ever time you are truly an inspiration to us all. And my HERO!! Thanks for all of the help and advice you've given me from the time i started at crossfit till now. thanks c.faulk

  12. DC says:

    Something for you all to remember is that with hard work and effort you can achieve anything… And something that some of you don’t know is that there were days when Dawn didn’t want to be there sweating it out, had friends who came, tired and couldn’t mental stick it out, But Dawn enjoyed it, she was thinking for herself and wanted to better herself. An look at what she has achieved, and become. Dawn has always had the power. We all saw that; now she has speed, power, and technique, and a serious crew of family in her corner pushing and cheering her on. There were days when she would look at us and be like your CRAZY. NO way in hell I can do that. But yet she did, and more. Not only has she grown as a great athlete she has also become a great coach. To something at 1st she had doubts about. Dawn you push it to your limits and some way some how you find more.. Keep up the hard work. To all of you… who think they can’t; look around you and ask someone about their success story. There are MANY at CFW. Not just in losing weight but from sports, to personal. I have seen all of you do great and amazing things. From: Taylor, Mere, to Jill, and Rachel, to Scott’s, Don, to so many of you. CFW built something that I don’t think Tony thought was really going to happen. CFW is more then just gym it’s a family that keeps on growing and growing. And I so can’t wait to see how much you all have grown since I’ve been gone.. See you all soon.

  13. Dawn says:

    Thank you all for your pleasant words, comments, and support. Tony took the words right out of my mouth with his comment, I could not have said it better myself. Not only did I have a few of the greatest men cheering me on out there, (Clair, Tony, Cam and Securrrrity… Clint) I also knew that I had my Crossfit family cheering and wanted me to perform well at home. Quitting was something that never crossed my mind, although that last workout had me on an emotional rollercoaster! After watching that video brought back all the memories from that weekend and how I wanted to redeem myself with the last workout because I know I am capable of performing better than that.
    What some people do not realize is that everyone has the ability to make it if you are fully committed. Do what I did, just listen to the coaching staff at CFW even if you think they are crazy and it will not matter. Sometimes, well most of the time, it is going to be hard work. You may think this WOD is never going to end, but guess what it does, and then you come back and do it again the next day. I didn’t come into Crossfit knowing how to do anything, not even 1 pull up!!!! I worked and worked and sucked a** through several workouts until I finally started to get faster. I tell people all the time to stop worrying what your time is and who cares if you are the not the top time on the board, and stop cheating on your form and on your reps, you will blow pass the people that do and you will get better!
    To close, I am so happy and lucky to have such a great family with so much support and that teaches me so much in the process. Thank you all again for your remarks!!!!

  14. Maria says:

    Dawn – I loved watching the video! It just shows us all that we really could put a little more effort into each wod. When we get tired and winded, were we really THAT tired? Could we have pushed a little more? We have to leave it ALL on the mat!!

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