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Happy New Year!


Change has come to America!  

     We’ve been hearing about all the change that’s coming.  No one cares about what the change is going to be, just that there’s a promise of change.  So the world is now going to be better, right?  Whatever…  
     Regardless of your politics and social beliefs, the real deal is humans are human.  Human nature differs little from that of most animals…  we seek the path of least resistance.  In other words, humans tend to be lazy.  Verbal communication and reason only compound the problem.  We can be convinced by others and/or ourselves to take the easy route.  We also tend to be greedy.  We usually want more than we need. 
     These two things together, with motivation and determination, can produce many great achievements.  But the flip side, is dismal.  The path that allows ease of work and has no accountability for one’s actions, is a path of minimal positive results.
     The truth is, the only change that most individuals ever affect upon themselves is when it’s absolutely neccessary.  Diabetics attempt to start eating healthy only after they’re diagnosed and face a lifetime of injections and possible amputations.  Alchoholics and drug addicts change they’re behavior only after they’ve hurt everyone close to them and finally hit "rock bottom".  The bottom line is, humans affect major change only when the need is dire and the consequences have become reality.
     More than 65% of the US population is overweight and sick.  Do note that these are two entirely different things.  Obesity is not a disease, it’s a condition.  Yet, obesity and sickness do go hand in hand.  You simply cannot be overweight and well.  Yet our medical community goes through much strife to create a disease diagnosis for being fat.  To become fat, a person has to be lazy, ignorant, weak minded or some combination of the three.  I don’t think there’s a clinical diagnosis for any of those, but with the prominent and popular "let Uncle Sam fix it" and "blame others for my problems" attitudes in the US, I don’t doubt our pharmaceutical companies will have a difficult time finding something for them. 
     Our nation spends more money each year on fitness products, health foods, supplements, gym memberships, and equipment than the one prior.  Where is the return?
     There is none.  More than 90% of all fitness equipment sold in the US is designed and marketed as more effective and therefore "delivers results" faster.  Convincing the rational mind of the consumer the path to fitness isn’t hard.  People do not want to work for results. 
     As a CrossFit affiliate owner, I realize now how true this is.   I used to find it amusing when someone would say "I don’t like to sweat" or "I can’t do that type of workout".  Now I think it’s just sad.
     Our nation loves marketing.  Retail therapy, aka shopping, makes people feel good.  Buy something new, add a little hope, make some people believe…  and you’re off to making money off suckers. 
     But, I assume if you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of the suckers when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Though you may have been at some point… most of us were.
     So is CrossFit another fitness marketing scam?  Marketing?  Certainly.  A scam?  Absoulutely not.  We market, or "sell" ourselves as a foundational, functional fitness program that produces qualifiable results.  And we do just that.   We are an open door to anyone that questions our methods.  We also say we support each other and care for each other like family.  No lies there.  I’m still amazed about the cameraderie and support you guys give one another. 
     As far as the work capacity and output improvements people experience here, they are far deeper than outward apearance.  Our improvements are measurable by time and weight moved.  Physics proves our marketing isn’t a scam.
    But we do get those abs and the glutes.  Some folks have suggested a CFW calendar to show off some of those glutes…  that’s not a bad idea.  Maybe we’ll do one and give the proceeds to charity.  
     Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year.  Congratulations on finding real change.  I hope the remainder of the change we’re in store is half a positive as the changes we experience in our little CF box.  
Train hard.

Post your new year’s goals to comments.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/1/2009

  1. Debb D says:

    Continue learning about my choices and making good ones happen for me and my family. Health, Food, Mentality, Spirituality, Friendships, Time, Work, these are all things that have changed in 2008 for the better and not without pain. I can only do better with these things in 2009 for I have had real change. So my goal is to stay the course in these matters.
    Now For the CF Box: Kipping pull-ups with no band, climb the rope three times in a row without stopping, better cleans, bench more than 95 lbs., continuous double-unders, better flexibility.
    Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Andrew says:

    2009 Goals: -475lbs Squat in briefs -325lbs Bench in shirt -405lbs DL -205lbs strict OH Press <10:00min 1.5 mile -get my flexibility up and keep my back healthy

  3. Don O says:

    My goals for 2009……3:30 Fran, 390 FGB, be able to do muscle ups and to complete the King Kong WOD as prescribed….oh, and to lose another 15 pounds of fat

  4. Sensei says:

    5 min mile, 500 DL, 260 BP. Commit myself to paying off debt and acquiring affluence, Have 20 steady students that pay and are working towards their black belt, CONTINUE GROWING DEPTH IN MY NEW FRIENDSHIPS!!

  5. Gene B. says:

    To keep up what I started back around Thanksgiving..and that is a life transformation that I did not think was possible.

  6. Jason Beninate says:

    2009 goals: bust my tail in ocs and basic school and take all the skills i've learned in motivation and achievement from crossfit and continuing to exemplify it in the marine corps. continuing to practice the fact that the things we want in life aren't easy and the right mindset and will can grant those wishes. also, finally to never forget where you're from and where you headed and all the great people you meet. happy new year everybody, stay safe and embrace the pain, because the reward is soooo worth it!

  7. Sean says:

    Well, since I'm quitting my job in Wilmington to plan for our next duty station in 6 months, my main goal is to continue the CrossFIT mantra within my own garage. Since I will be a stay at home dad, no money for any local gym. What better way, if I can't hang out at CFW, then to do it true CrossFit style in a garage gym. I do also have goals of just improving my crossfit performance in every aspect of the workout. I also have been trying to buy up some weights so that when I come down to visit at CFW, I can try to hit a 600 lb DL, a 550 squat, a 400 lb BP and a long continuous run without stopping, whether it be a mile or 2 or 800 meter run or a marathon, I just need to get this fat ass in running condition. I also plan to better myself as a man, husband, father and friend.

  8. ilario says:

    Jason, Quantico in January is a hoot, but with CFW experience under your belt, you’ll do great. Darren, thanks for getting my wheels turning on short and long term goals, and thanks to all of you that will help to get me there…
    3 month Goals: 5 Handstand Push-ups, 3 Muscle-ups, and DL 405+
    Year-end Goals: Complete IronMan(Nov.09), and per Don O.’s inspiration- King Kong as rx’d. In 2010, I want to qualify and compete at the Crossfit games. Perhaps we will have a squad/team? Some of you might be ready for the ’09 games…Go for it!