The Carolina CrossFit Challenge
Saturday December 12
Competitors – $50 / Spectators – $20
2 workouts, a t-shirt, after event cookout, and proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Foundation. For more info and registration go to:
Maria and Jenny pushing around the 330lbs tires
Rx was tire flips, not tire sits!
Thomas and Sweaty with the 580lbs’er
Classes: Hollow Rock form and technique


3 x 1 minute Hollow Rock
3 x 1 minute Plank
3 x 1 minute Ab Rollout
2 x 800 m run * recovery is 1/2 the time it takes to run the 1st 800m

0 thoughts on “Posted: 11/19/2009

  1. Scott S says:

    I just signed up for the Carolina Crossfit Challenge on Dec 12. Do I expect to win? Not unless they create a Super Masters class with weight divisions (ain't gonna happen!) I am going to represent, have some fun and show everyone what a great community we have at CFW. So if you are undecided just think of it this way – whatever you are planning to do that day will not be one-tenth as much fun and fulfilling as spending time with your Crossfit family from here and throughout the state.

  2. Maura says:

    Scott and Sensei you guys are gonna kill it! I have hockey in Garner that weekend so will only be able to support in between games and possibly get in a WOD if the scheduling works out. I'm looking forward to meeting CFer's from around NC and spending this great day with my CFW family!

  3. Sensei says:

    I just signed up as well. This is going to be a great day with great friends and athletes. It will be a wonderful boost to our holiday season and spirit as we come together to push and encourage as we all do so well! To be representing our family with such inspiring individuals as Scott S will be an honor! If you haven't signed up….do it. You will be driving back wondering why you ever thought you might not!

  4. abby says:

    this is gonna be fun! i am registering today as well! Maria…isn't that the truth…i am still bruised from those BIG OLE tires…I flipped the 580 1x and I have been shaking ever since!!!!
    Thomas PLAYGIRL…sheesh you SELL OUT…lol but i am invisioning a CFW Calender for this holiday could be Mr.November! hehe

  5. t. says:

    These day's I'm not that surprised by what feats and accomplishments you all hit. The average deadlift for our females is over 200lbs. It's not a big deal to see guys shoulder pressing over 225. The metcons are ridiculous… yesterday's wod had sub 3 minutes posted. Now Abby joins the small crew of ladies that have flipped the combine tyre. Awesome stuff. So, I heard Maura say she wanted to jump on the 48" box. So… which of you girls is going to get on that box first? Dawn is close at a 46" box jump. There's a challenge for ya… Go.

  6. Em says:

    As much as I would LOVE to participate in CF Challenge, I will have to settle for being a spectator (doc's orders which I confirmed with him today…boo), BUT I know all of you will represent and I'll be yelling as loud as I can cheering you on! Kill it CFW!!

  7. taylor says:

    Hey CFW! I know this is going to be a big surprise to some of you, but I have A BUNCH of extra cake looking for a home. Here's the story: I'm doing a pirate ship cake for a little kid who is basically alergic to everything! milk, eggs, nuts…that must suck. So they had the hippy grocery store bake me four sheet cakes that are vegan. The butter cream I made has no dairy or eggs. Carving this ship produced just as much cake in scraps as in the finished product. I hate waste. I also know that people with all those allergies probably don't get to eat cake that often (crying shame!)So, if you guys know anyone that wants a whole lot of chocolate cake and chocolate butter cream that is allergy free, please let me know and they can have all the scraps. Otherwise I will freeze them, or toss them to the homeless hippys that hang out at Tidal Creek.