The Carolina CrossFit Challenge
Saturday December 12
Competitors – $50 / Spectators – $20
2 workouts, a t-shirt, after event cookout, and proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Foundation. For more info and registration go to:
Don’t think you are ready to "compete" in a CrossFit Challenge? 
Get serious! Anyone of you are.
It’s no different than any other workout…  you just do the best you can.  
This event isn’t a qualifier for The CrossFit Games, it’s just for fun and fundraising.
But in this case, we all get to represent CFW and meet other CFers from around the state.
So join us in Durham.  Some of us are going up on Friday evening and others are driving up Saturday morning.  Either way, there will be someone you can carpool with.


"Fran’s Ugly Sister"
21-15-9 reps of…
Overhead Squat (95lbs)

Rest 5 minutes

For time…
100 Double Unders


0 thoughts on “Posted: 11/18/2009

  1. Sandra says:

    Fran's Ugly SIster.. ? Aww crap! Doesn't Fran have any nice relatives, like the "Handsome Patron-Drinking Cousin" ? Or the "Pasta Eating Aunt" ? We need to do more research into Fran's genealogy – I'm sure we can find a fun relative somewhere along the line.

  2. Scott S says:

    t. – Sorry I haven't reached out to you brother. I know you are in good hands – just follow the program. So, what are you missing? Need some of us to come over and do a WOD so you can critique our form? How about an in-formation run-by? If you get really lonely we can build a litter and run you over to the box. Keep us posted, buddy. Call me at 233-7402 cause I want to come by and see you.

  3. Jen S. says:

    Hey guys…Jay posted a nice thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful birthday wishes but I guess I didn't stress enought that you have to submit twice cause it didn't show up. He had a great bday and was moved by all of the warm wishes…maybe this will help transition him into our fierce family. haha
    Tony, glad to hear you are up…atleast a little bit. Know that we miss you around the gym and that we're all sending our best wishes for a quick recovery. Have a great day everyone!

  4. ilario says:

    "Fearless leader": A wise man once said "if you want more, you have to do more"…that applies to rest, too! Peter, awesome post yesterday. Great to share the CF-lifetsyle choices with guys and gals who just need a little push, or an example to follow. Scott and Jay, happy belated Birthday! great seeing you both on Sunday representing! RNG: I love the event planning. We may have found a new vocation for you! Who would of thought that one could spend twenty years as an "amphibious-death-dealing-monster-from-the-deep-that-eats-barbed-wire-pisses-napalm-and-fights-tigers-underwater!" (PROFANITY WARNING, BUT YOU WILL LAUGH HARD: ) and then grow up to be the cruise director on the loveboat!
    RNG for Mayor of Wilmington! We'll try and swing by, MB. PS: T. watch the video bro, I know you've seen it before, but its too good…"But what about Speciiaalll Foorrccess??…"

  5. No GOOD says:

    Jen tell Jay the only thing standing between him and the box is air and opportunity…and there went the air ha! IP, MB, that clip is great seen it many times! Funny thing about REST, it actually WORKS!! I can not believe it ha!!! It sucks but it works!! Hey I'll plan it I just need you all to support it! Easy on the Mayor of ILM, I'm a Yankee and I dont think I would be well received ha!

  6. Bridgitte says:

    This is one of my favorite WOD's!!! I'll be in tomorrow around 4:30 to make it up if anyone else wants to join!

  7. St.Louie says:

    Ah after Tonys motivational speech yesterday about a upcoming half marathon. I'm bailing on it and doing the cf challenge

  8. Holly Homemaker says:

    St. Louis, Are you going to go with Tony's idea of just dropping you off 13 miles outside of Wilmington on the way back from Durham?

  9. bhering says:

    Cam thanks for the help today! Christmas Come early for this kid. Dan and Will. I just asked the Magic 8-Ball If you would be muscling up by the end of the week. Response: Absolutely!

  10. t. says:

    Motivational speech? All I said was that "you can run a half marathon any time you want". But if that works for ya Bro, cool. Seriously, my point on the Carolina CF Challenge is that it's for fun! It'll be a good time to meet CFers from all over the state. If you've never met Kent and Lisa Stamey of CF Hickory or Andy and Dina Hendel of CF Charlotte or any other CFers from the NC affiliates this will be a fun day to do so. As far as competing goes… it is just like any other workout! I'd love so much for every member or our gym went and showed the other affilitates what we're all about!

  11. Dan says:

    Big shout out to Brian H. for his 1st muscle up today!!! Cam is a hell of a coach and Brian a very coachable student. Glad I could witness the achievment. Nice work to both of you.

  12. Noelle says:

    You've ALMOST got me convinced to actually go as a participant to the 12th. But seriously Josh, no telling people I'm from xfit comfortable. You've got to take me as I am.

  13. St.louie says:

    well T thats all you had to say.. and no i dont wanna be dropped 13.1 miles outside of either durham or wilmington