CFW Celebration of New Facility / Jody Mcpherson Fundraiser
Saturday, 30 January at 10am
CFW would like to invite everyone out to a free workout and cookout in celebration of our growth, expansion, and move to our new facility at 6603 Market Street.
We are also taking the opportunity to help the family of Wilmington Police Officer, Jody McPherson who died a few weeks ago of Cancer.  We will be taking general donations in his honor for the cookout.  More details to follow. 

Brian H. in Saturday’s paddle boarding race…  f’ing elite!
Go do fun stuff!  One of the major benefits of CF is that you are physically prepared to go do any sport you choose.  Learn something new!
Thrusters  1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 ( each set max effort)
Example: 140lbs / 145lbs / 145lbs / 150lbs / 145lbs – in this example, the athlete varies only a few pounds between each set as he/she has warmed up to the first max effort set.
Bad example: 115lbs / 135lbs / 145lbs / 155lbs / 205lbs – in this case the athlete used the first 4 sets as a warm up and then hit one max set.  Wrong answer.  You cannot elicit the adaptational response intended from this workout with one max set.  If you post this type of increasing load over your workout…  try again.  This athlete should have posted something like this: 195lbs / 200lbs / 200lbs / 195lbs / 185lbs.  Don’t cheat yourself!
Weighted GHD situps  30 – 20 – 10
CF Endurance:  Row, Bike, Run, or Swim
2 min (max effort) on 1 minute off x 6

The next Olympic Weightlifting Course begins next Saturday, 16 January.
It’s 4 weeks of Olympic Weightlifting Programming that will improve your strength, power, coordination, flexibility and have you returning to the CrossFit program more efficient and fitter than ever.  The course is a structured class on Saturday at 11am and on Wednesday eveings at 6:60pm and Oly programming each day instead of CrossFit.  The program still incorporates CF style workouts so you will not lose any of your conditioning.
Cost is $150 first time enrollment and half off for second enrollment.


0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/11/2010

  1. t. says:

    Yeah… tomorrow is going to be a rough service. The wod for tomorrow if in honor of our bud, John and is the workout his crew put up in his honor last week. So yeah… do it for yourself and all the people you take for granted. After you scrape yourself off the floor, go call someone you love and tell them as much!

  2. abby says:

    RNG…Wilson!!! OMG friggen love that! I want more details on Snowshoe and cost? I want to go BAD! Bryan…it was cold out! Crazy ars! cool pic though…get out and do something fun?? Well i signed up for soccer with Cape Fear…anyone else wanna play? Phil and Kenny from Cape Fear soccer are our members and are great guys so they can give you info1 i am pumped to get started!
    On a not so fun note…Johnny Vs service is tomorrow. Man this is gonna be hard. anyway I am headed up to CrossFit CapeFear to get a WOD in with their crew and remember my friend. So tomorrow WORKOUT even harder then you usually do…for John and as he would say "no no 'Abbynormal' do it FOR YOU!"

  3. No GOOD says:

    My heart goes with you all heading to the services tomorrow. I look forward to doing this WOD for the reasons Tony stated. Not sure what Hollow Rock and Sky scraper are but It doesn't matter. In-case none of you knew I EFFING LOVE CROSSFIT!!!!

  4. maria says:

    Abby, Tony, Julie, Josh, all the rest of you going to the service tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping you and John's family in my prayers.