CFW Nutrition Counseling

Obviously our CrossFit program produces measurable results.  However, no fitness program can fulfill its potential without proper nutrition and feeding. 

Our Nutritional Counseling Program is a weekly session that includes detailed explanations of our recommended feeding plan, how to get started, and how to implement the plan in a realistic, practical manner.

Daily routine and lifestyle are considered in developing a plan that enables you to reach your fitness goals. Our Nutritional Counseling Program focuses on providing simple solutions to everyday challenges to proper eating. Our approach makes it easy to stop eating the unhealthy foods so readily available in our society and start eating healthy for anyone.

CrossFit Wilmington’s Nutritional Counseling Program will insure your fitness goals rest on a solid foundation.

To get started, contact Julie.

No more food from this guy!
We’re happy to announce CFW’s hosting of
The CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
w/ Coach Mike Burgener on May 30-31. 
Info and Registration:

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  1. ilario says:

    Hey team, Will and I visited MINDY at Wrightsville Beach Park (“Murph meets Cindy” – 10 mins worth of “Cindy”+Run the loop (2.5mi) +10 mins of “Cindy” and finish running 2.5 mi). Its a great no-gym WOD for the runners out there. Our total: 57:36 (14 rds+19:40 loop+11 rds+17:54 loop). Ahhh, sleepy time…