Running Workout today at 2pm at Wrightsville Beach Park.  IP is running an interval sprint workout followed by a run around the loop.  Everyone is welcome.  Bring a friend.

Our next Olympic Lifting Course starts this Saturday, 16 January at 11am. 
If there is enough interest, we will be adding a morning Oly class at 6:30am on Tuesday, in addition to the evening class at 6:00pm on Tuesday.  Both morning and evening classes will meet at together on Saturdays at 11am.
The course is 5 weeks of Olymic Weightlifting focused training.  All attendees will experience increases in power, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.
Cost for first time enrollment: $150.00 / subsequent enrollment: $75.00

Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Justin – 195lbs Snatch
In only a few months, J.D. has increased his Snatch max by almost 100lbs.
Ask him how our Oly Program improves your CrossFit.


13 thoughts on “Posted: 1/10/2010

  1. DC says:

    So, I'm sad to say i wont be back in time to see the pre qualifier and was wondering who is thinking on going? North Carolina / South Carolina Sectional
    Mar 6-7, 2010
    460 Greenway Industrial Dr
    Fort Mill SC 29708 โ€” Map It ยป
    Spots to the Regionals: 15 men, 15 women

    Event Information
    We will take full advantage of the spring weather. Participants should be prepared to compete inside as well as outside.
    For those of you who are going get your mind right now, and FULLY COMMIT TO YOUR TRAINING AND DIET. Try different stuff out now that you might use for the qualifier.. i.e. tape, gloves, shoes all of it so you know what it would be like there and what works best for you… Ask someone who went last year on things don't get there and say let me try this now. All it will do is mess you up.. The qualifier is a GREAT TIME and is a great way to see where your at compared to others who have been doing Crossfit. It's like any other sporting event out there. And you'll be proud of yourself for at least you tried it..

  2. ilario says:

    SUNDAY RUN-DAY: Well, at least its supposed to be sunny…we will begin at 2pm @ Wrightsville Beach Park (the soccer field next to the baseball diamond, right by the roadway.). We will do a CFE run WOD of 100 M spints, on the minute, for 10 Mins (10 reps-max effort). Then we will take a 5 minute break, and then do the loop (2.45 mi). at max effort for times to be posted. All skill levels are welcome, and new members to CFW, bring friends family etc. Sunday will be chilly, but fun! DC- you are and will be missed. Stay safe!

  3. Sensei says:

    JUSTIN = MONSTER! WOW! Excellent job brother. and, whoa….in response to yesterdays inflammatory post: Save the drama for your mama dude.

  4. t. says:

    I deleted the post Aaron refers to… I typically don't screen, censor, or delete comments at all. But that one was a bit over the line. It is CFW's position on professional, training, and matters of integrity to always be above and beyond other facilities, both CF and big box gyms. How owners, trainers, and clients of other facilities behave and conduct themselves is entirely up to them. There has been raised issue with CrossFit HQ about the level of quality of some CFs and that it doesn't hold all CF's to the same standard… but it is also a huge benefit. As an affiliate, not a franchise, CFs can run their spots however they so choose. There have been CFs gyms deaffiliate b/c of the "lack of standards" for owning and running an affiliate. It is certainly a concern of mine that we are easily confused with CF Coastal… for many reasons. But, I'm a capitalist and the free market decides. I'm glad there is a choice in Wilmington for Crossfitters. All I can say is, I am, as so are all my staff, dedicated to bringing the highest quality training options, in the most nicest facility, with the most supportive and motivational environment in Wilmington, NC.

  5. Scott S says:

    To Justin – thanks for the lifting tips, my friend. Looks like you are practicing what you are preaching!

    To t- You have worked hard to create an environment where we are all want to improve our total selves – by exercise, by diet and by respect for ourselves and others. I was attracted to this gym not because of the strength of the people's muscles but the strength of their character. We can only control what happens in our gym and that is all that concerns me. Good post, t.

  6. ilario says:

    CFW, T. and his staff put the "Elite" in Elite fitness. We are grateful for their professionalism and devotion. Oh, and Justin is a Cyborg! I'm just sayinng…
    Directions for run WOD: drive over the Drawbridge to WB. proceed straight for 500 m. then turn left to park near WB Police Dept or next left to park at tennis courts. We will meet on the soccer field out by the road, ready to go for a quick group warm-up at 2pm sharp. Don't be late, its cold out there!

  7. Em says:

    t you tard…you know better…although I know how you feel…limiting sucks. Justin, awesome job! You have come so far since we took the Oly class together…proud of ya! See everybody Tuesday night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. t. says:

    Nice run workout IP. It was too soon for me to be doing sprints and now I'm limping again. But I should be completely healed by tomorrow afternoon…

  9. ilario says:

    Thanks T., but I ditto Em! Great job to all the cats that came out today: one of our newest members, John, Jana, Melissa, and the war-horses: JJ (w/50lb vest!), Scott P, Tracy, Angela, Maria, Justin, Daniel, T.-pain and my MB "NoooooGooooooooooD". Misery doesn't just like company, she likes good company!-2010 baby!

  10. justin Karlson says:

    hey CFW family thanks for all the great comments. i need to work on thr form but it is still a big gain for me. an IP the run was crazy, thanks for being thay guy:)

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