The WoD swap with Coastal was fun…  the top scores were Hunter – 233, Andy C. – 203, Zack – 201, Sam – 175, Bridgette 148, and Olympia 114.  We gave Coastal the "One Bar" to play with this week.  

Grace and Breck – Overhead Squats

  WOD:  Team Event

This is a tag team event.  Select your teammate.  Male/male, female/male, female/female…  who cares?  One athlete does work, the other rests.  There’s no set number to complete before you stop and your buddy begins. 

If you choose to do this WOD alone,  do max in 3.5 mins and only rest 1.5 minutes between exercises.

  • 5 minutes max pull ups
  • rest 3 mins
  • 5 minutes max sandbag cleans (80 – m / 50 – f) 
  • rest 3 mins
  • 7 minutes 400 m relay 



0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/9/2008

  1. steve says:

    thanks morning crew today was a team effort which is hard to do when your there by yourself,hope the pancakes were good.

  2. J says:

    MWM seeks someone to be my partner during todays WOD. Must be able to do alot of pullups (lord knows I need the help), hold thier own in sand bag cleans, and 400m runs. No really, really fast guys need apply. please call 585-1418 after 3pm

  3. Ezekiel says:

    We're glad you guys enjoyed the Deadlift/Pushup Challenge. The "One Bar" workout, even at 5 rounds, has been brutal! If you guys have any pictures from the DL/PU WOD, we would love to include them in a video challenge we're putting out to other boxes. Do you guys think anyone will reach 300?

  4. Josh says:

    300? I dont know man, I watched Zach(201)and Adam (185) and they were both smoking it.I dont know if it could be done any faster or at least fast enough to hit 300. It would be cool to watch though. Great job Hunter!

  5. Andrew says:

    In order to bust out a 300, it would essentially have to turn into 300DLs and 300 Burpees. That would be hellacious. I'm not sure I know anybody that can bust out 300 burpees in 20 minutes, let alone 300DLs piled on top. You obviously don't have the jump at the top, but it still turns into a very similar motion.

  6. Tracy says:

    Wanted to share some really good news with CFW! I am 10th out of 279 women overall in the North Carolina Triathlon Series. So HAPPY!!!! I can only imagine what next year will bring for me with Triathlons and Crossfit!!THANKS!!!!

  7. t. says:

    Congratulations Tracy! Our experiment is working!! You told me when we first started that you were a sponge and wanted to learn. While that is certainly indisputable, it should be said that the entire CFW crew has enjoyed the benefits of your excitable energy and contagious motivation!

  8. Sensei says:

    Eh, …Tracy's alright I guess…but can she lick her own elbow? I doubt it. HA! You're awesome Tracy GREAT JOB!! T. you do the 300, I'll do the 300. Who's with me?

  9. maria says:

    Tracy – UNBELIEVABLE, what an accomplishment! Hope you're doing well, I'll try to get in there one afternoon so we can pair up again! Sorry Steve – it looked like it would have been fun – did you just do the WoD with that imaginary friend you're always talking too?