Wilkes’ Weightlifting Olympic Lifting Seminar
November 1st
Spend a day with Coach Chris Wilkes and sons learning the Oly Lifts.
For more info and to register go to:
Why should you attend Chris’s Oly Lifting seminar?
Taylor, Zach, Dawn, Daniel, Meredith, Josh,
Julie, and Thomas.  They all put the top times on the board consistently.  They’ve all participated in Weightlifting training aside from the CrossFit WODs.  Their technique, efficiency, and power show in their daily workouts.
Chris’s seminar is an opportunity.
Take advantage of it!  

Nutrition Class
Thursday October 15 at 7:00pm
$20 Cost
Bring a nonmember for no cost.

The 3rd Pull
Zach is not "droppin under the bar".  He is aggressively pulling
himself below the barbell.  Too often I hear "just drop under it". 
No way can we nonchalantly "drop" under a max effort Snatch or Clean & Jerk.
The 3rd pull is aggressive and deliberate.

CrossFit WOD: 
30 – 30 – 20 GHD situp
50 – 40 – 30 GHD back extension
Work on something you’re not good at… 
Classes today will be on:
handstand push ups progression
kipping pull up progression
Weightlifting WOD:  Rest Day



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    Just a reminder. . .mark your social schedule to come out and join the October Babies Birthday Celebration on Friday, starting at my dwelling, chow by Sandra and dancin' into the night! Please shoot me an email so that I can get the invite to ya!!! . . .if you are socially interested, or maybe just interested to see what happens!! 🙂 I HOPE everyone has an amazing day!!