Happy Birthday L.B

Kyle Maynard during a Level 1 cert.

No more EXCUSES… If you want more you have to do more..

WOD: 3 rds for time

  • 15 push up
  • 20 wall balls (M-20/ F-14)
  • 15 Kettle bell swings (M-24kg/ F-16kg)
  • 20 GHD Back Extensions
  • 15 Knees to Chest
  • 20 Burpess

0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/25/2008

  1. Debb says:

    Josh just making sure you remember we are not coming today, Guy's Karate tournament was on and the kids are doing great. Don't know ya but Happy Birthday Kyle!

  2. DC says:

    For those of you who don't know Josh is out of town at a cert. Happy bday L.B and the guy in the pic is Kyle he's here to show you all you can do whatever you sent your mind too.

  3. Troy says:

    Went to CF San Diego today and had an awesome WoD with the crew their. The WoD was the Chief. The gym and crew are great people. The gym is about half the size of Blaur's place. As well, went to US Crossfit and they are some great guys up their. For those that do not know they also run NavySeal.com and US Tactical. The gym is the same size as CF Wilmington's. Of all the gyms that I have visited while here in Coronado nothing beats CF Wilmington.

  4. Troy says:

    I do the WoD on my CF Tour here in SoCal then enjoy the night life at Mc P's and some other places here in Coronado. I will be back for a week on November 3, then it is off to Georgia. I plan on hitting up CF Fort Benning and a few other places out that way. That's the nice thing about these military schools right, all expenses paid.

  5. Andy Comer says:

    I am in Lexington Kentucky and paid a visit to crossfitlexington today. The owner Chris was an unbelievable host. His gym is 16000 square feet! Huge. Did the WOD and had a great time with everyone there. If you get to Lexington check them out. Absolutely first class!
    See you guys on Tuesday.

  6. Debb says:

    Andy I will be in Lexington in 4 weeks and certainly plan on checking the CF there. Lexington was my home for 30 years.

  7. Debb says:

    Oh and by the way Dawn and Meredeath Thanks for all the push, you know I was seeing and hearing things that you couldn't. Like "your going to die" and "your heart will stop". It was horrifying…Tis the season.

  8. MereDeath says:

    "Deddie"… i mean, Debbie… you did great today- voices & all! i felt your pain– that back-to-back combo of bumpees and pushups– worst idea ever. thanks t.