Rob – 225lbs Snatch attempt on Saturday.
 He got under it but missed it.
He did hit a 215lbs Snatch and a 275lbs C & J.


  • Front Squat  3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

3 rounds For time…

  • 5 squat thruster (135lbs – m / 95lbs – f)
  • 10 box jumps (24 – m / 20 – f)
  • 15 pull ups  

0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/21/2008

  1. ADAM says:

    Hey Don, was hoping to catch you yesterday. Just wanted to thankyou guys for the tickets. We had alot of fun!

  2. Andrew says:

    Damn T, you had to go and put a picture of the Prima Donna on the page. Before long he'll be expecting people to ask for autographs.

  3. t. says:

    No sweat Drew… In contrast I have a pic of 'em in the middle of the WoD all drooped over 155lbs I can post.

  4. Don O says:

    Congrats on pulling that time. I think I'm going to try to come in one day in the evening and try to keep up with you, Zach and Cody and all the other young beasts