Come join us this afternoon at 3 o’clock for a group running of the WOD and the follow on cookout. 

Today’s WoD is a great chance to introduce that person you’ve talked to death about trying CrossFit.  So please bring a guest or two.  Everyone is welcome to come out and do the WoD (or just observe) and enjoy the cookout and the CrossFit camaraderie. 

We’ll have all the regular fixin’s and some cold drinks (for all ages!).  We hope you can make it!


WOD: It’s a surprise…  come look at the board.  JUST KIDDING!!

4 rounds for time…

  • 8 deadlift high pull (155lbs – m / 85lbs – f)
  • 8 push press (155 – m / 85 – f)
  • 8 weighted pull ups (35lbs – m / 15lbs – f)
  • 8 wall ball shots – 12ft target (20lbs – m / 14lbs – f) 

***These numbers are just the goal.  This WOD is easily scaled down to a weight or number of reps that anyone can do.

To all you guys overseas and away that use my WoDs, go to the mainsite…  "The Filthy Fifty" is always fun!

0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/18/2008

  1. Sensei says:

    Great Time today everyone!! Matt nice to finally officially talk with you! Tony thanks for the coaching! It appears I need to work my power on weighted pullups! I will be back Thursday!

  2. peter says:

    Great day everyone, thanks for the motivation!! My son had a great time as welland wants everyone to know he rowed 4000 meters(LOL). Thanks for the spread Tony and July, we'll see you Monday.

  3. Don O says:

    Thanks to Tony, Julie, Dawn, Darren,Josh for the lunch and to all who came out. Thanks also to Tom Witkowski and Darryl Moore for donating the tickets

  4. thomas says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to Tony and julie and the rest of the crossfit family for a great time today. It was a great wod and there was so much energy in there it was crazy. See you guys monday

  5. Hunter says:

    Tony and the CFW crew. Thanks for the WOD and the food. This is what crossfit is all about. Had a great time. WOD was tough…good burn for sure. Thanks again, hope to see you guys soon.