Happy Birthday Chris T.

The Carolina CrossFit Challenge
Saturday, December 12 at 9 AM
Format: Individual athlete participation in a 2 workout hopper challenge
Cost: Cost is $50 per athlete. Includes food, beer and T-shirt. 
Remaining proceeds with be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project
All athletes must register using the following link:
Deadline for registration: 30 Nov
Would this get you kicked out of your old gym?

5 rounds of the complex below for time (95lbs)…
5 snatch grip deadlift
5 snatch
5 overhead squat
5 clean
5 front squat
5 push press
3 position Snatch (high/mid thigh/below knee) – 60% x 1 x 4
Hang Clean & Jerk – 65% x 1 x 3, 70% x 1 x 2
10 mid thigh high box jumps

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  1. No GOOD says:

    Happy Birthday Chris. Tony great class last night. You are getting better each time and it was under 3 hours WOO HOO!! For everyone else last night was my 4th time going to the nutrition class. I have gotten something new out of each class. I actually picked up on a few things that I can do better. Take advantage of this next time it comes around. Oh how could I for get! Great Job Taylor, Maria and Mere on fran and IP 7 hours on the road, right to the box and knocks out FRAN in 4:05 and busted a plate in HALF!!! AWESOME!! Tony I hope you purchased the extended warranty with the plates! Have a great day all

  2. ChrisJ says:

    T, I am absolutely interested in your training ideas/plans. Tell me where and when. I'll be there.
    Noelle, thanks for the kind words and my starting point is average I suppose. I used to run some so my base could easily be 3-4 miles at a pace of 8-10 minutes/mile depending on how motivated I am that day!
    And, Happy Birthday ChrisT.

  3. Tracy says:

    When coming to CFW last June and in the peak of my triathlon season I can remember a conversation with Tony about LSD. My first question was what is it? haha he laughed and explained it to me. I too have not continued with my LSD workouts since then. I don't need too, the workouts with CF and CFE are enough for me to acheive my goals. I believe when I swim I know those shoulder and push presses and pullups help me to get through the water, my legs are stronger when I push and pull on the bike from the DL and squats and my run well lets just say the legs and bootay are a working…haha. I finished 11th overall in my age group for the triathlon series with the help of CFW WODS and CFE, the CFW team and my own mental toughness. Love me some CFW!!

  4. Scott S says:

    t., I have never been a LSD addict but have put in lots of miles over the years. Why don't we put together a regimen of training that is CFW/CFE based for everyone which builds up to the Myrtle Beach or Wrightsville Beach half/marathons. It would a) be fun to train as a team and b) prove the effectiveness of the CF approach to training. Plus it would give me a break from my favorite combination of snatch/OHS at least one day a week.

  5. ilario says:

    Chris! Happy birthday my man! Clint left your present at the box: his blistering 9 min scorcher! Ron, Why'd you rat me out? Now I've gotta pay for it! Serious shouts to the ladies who rocked it out and to the young turks that are just crushing records on a regular basis! You guys are amazing! Josh, you were a second away from a sub 3! and Zach and Daniel! Whhooooeee, you boyz are fast! And our new folks are doing some amazing things too… But I need to shout out to Pat, who was seriously moving IRON today. She was a sight to behold. Beautiful AND Strong! No wonder you climb mountains Scott…you need to keep up!