The Carolina CrossFit Challenge
Saturday, December 12 at 9 AM
Format: Individual athlete participation in a 2 workout hopper challenge
Cost: Cost is $50 per athlete. Includes food, beer and T-shirt. 
Remaining proceeds with be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project
All athletes must register using the following link:
Deadline for registration: 30 Nov
Scott’s first "Fran"
We had some really great Fran times yesterday.  Numerous sub 3 minutes by the guys , sub 5 minutes from the ladies, and many PRs.  Keep it up!
CrossFit WOD:
Classes: Squat Mechanics and Therapy
2 sets 20 reps ab roll outs
50 flutter kicks
2 sets 30 back extensions
2 sets 10 (5 each side) turkish get ups
Weightlifting WOD:  Rest Day

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  1. ChrisJ says:

    Scott S, it is official…I have registered for the Wrightsville Beach 1/2 marathon on March 21st! So, Scott, Noelle, Angela, Drew, Ilario, and Ereka, when does the training begin?! I'm excited. Call me at 520-1901 or email me at


  2. mike says:

    josh from artfuel, along with four other tattoo artist are raffling off five, $300 gift certificates for time in their tattoo chairs. all proceeds go directly to sarah peacock and her husband, for those who do not know, sarah's husband was in a bad motorcycle wreck last weekend. he is currently in the hospital, doing better than he was, but still has a very long and hard road ahead of him. the raffle tickets are 10 bucks a piece and there are five chances to win. i will be leaving the tickets at the front desk of CFW on thurs, fri, and they will be picked up at closing time on sat. you do not have to be present to win the certificates. there is also several smaller prizes being given away. you can also come to the artfuel art show and purchase the tickets. the art show is going to be at artfuel on sat. at 4 p.m. the drawing will be held at artfuel on sat. night. artfuel is located on 17th st. just off of market st.

  3. Noelle says:

    Chris – YOU ROCK! What's your "starting point" with running right now? I can shoot you an email with a month or two of getting into being able to run 3-4 miles based on where you're at now. Then we'll go from there! Training (for me) will start 16-weeks out!

    Got a nice introduction to turkish get ups today – they're harder than they look. But so far – everything has been that way. Xfit ain't playin.

  4. Scott S says:

    Chris J – Glad to hear you are in! I think you should begin putting few miles in two to three times a week so when we start on CFE you will be ready.

  5. Rachel says:

    Hello runners! Laura and I are also runnung the 1/2 Nov.1. As for W.B. I am planning on running the full in Myrtle Bch in Feb. but might change it to WB to be with my CF family. As for training don't go crazy. Last year for the half I followed the LSD program this year I haven't run over 5 miles yet! and not planning on running any more than that till race day. I can't wait to see my improvement. Oh and I only run 2 days a week. We train hard day in and out so be carefull or you'll over do it and never want to run again. Ask Maria.
    But I would love to meet up with some peeps to do some endurance training at the track or else where. ILARIO, think long and hard about running the half. You will be racing long enough the next weekend. Have you thought about resting? Sometimes less is more… Anyway back to trainning count me in on sprints or the hills. See everyone at the finish line!

  6. Angela says:

    Colleen, I'm totally down for swimming! haha I want to do a tri and need to ramp up on the swimming…bad.

  7. Tracy says:

    Hi Team! Great enthusiasm with all the running and swimming!! A few of us run the hills downtown on Tuesday 6am! A bunch of us were talking about having another CFW outing!! We are going to sushi at Hiro around 6:30 tomorrow night and then some drinks…half price sushi! Come on!!

  8. drew says:

    Tony, I am very interested in a presentation like this. Before I started training for this half, I had never run further than probably 4 miles or so. For me though, I felt it necessary to "experience" some of the longer runs, to see how my body took it. I've learned a lot about the cycles my body goes through between 5-7 miles. I'm trying to not overdo it, but my furthest distance in my entire training will only be 10miles before this half. I've also done quite a bit of cross training w/ the rowers.

  9. t. says:

    Rachel is weighs in with sanity. I’ve a question for all the LSD folks out there. How can Matt Hearn get 24th place in the White Lake Triathlon (Olympic distance) with only short distance training, almost no swimming, and very little biking? How did Brian Mackenzie complete the Western States 100 miler in 24 hours, but the longest training run he did was 9 miles? How about Hamid? Is there any doubt he cannot run a half marathon today, with no heads up, in a respectable time? Why do LSD athletes do the same, INJURY INDUCING, volumous training regimen year after year with no improvement on their 5k, 10k, or half marathon distances? So before we all get started running down the road to over training, injuries, and skinny fatness (i.e., destruction of our neuro endocrine responses and super elevated coritsol levels), let’s ponder a more intelligent way of training for a run event. Volume isn’t the answer. At what point in a 10 mile, or even a 5 miler, does our body just fall into a “pace” that is only what we can hold. A pace that does nothing to increase our cardio pulmonary endurance or stamina and only puts unneeded pounding and abuse on our joints, cns, and endocrine systems. There’s no doubt I could pick any athlete at CFW, keep them on our programming, and add only 2 CrossFit Endurance WODs a week in December, then up that to 3 in Febuary and on March 21st that athlete will better the LSD athletes that pounded their bodies to death for 4 and 5 months prior to the race. I know, I know… it’s conventional wisdom that we need to run long distances to be good at running long distances. It was also convention wisdom that you needed to bench press to be strong before coming to CFW. Of course, the LSD athletes are still skeptical. I’m going to put together a presentation, with Matt H., to better explain why and how we can acheive better results, with less injury, with CF Endurance (Brian Mackenzie’s program) than conventional LSD/high volume training. Interested?

  10. colleen says:

    Tony, i struggle with your point as well, i am friends with many tri peeps and chat it up about xfit all the time, they are usually the ones to bring it up because of the improvements they have seen in me, but their excuse to NOT come to xfit is because they don't want to 'hurt themselves,' 'that looks too intense,' blah blah blah. . . i tell them, what part of running 30 miles, biking 100 miles (hurting your crouch and butt the whole time) is normal and not doing a tole on their bodies? No response. . but they are still asking me about xfit 🙂 oh well. . in time. . if you build it they will come!

  11. colleen says:

    PLEASE, don't get me wrong, tri athletes are AMAZING athletes and push themselves in very intense conditions and situations, the thing I don't get it the constant need/addiction/mileage addiction etc. that makes them a 'better' athlete. . .I just hate to see people waste energy. . cause I sure know I dont want to. . 🙂 I'm lazy

  12. dan says:

    Overtraining sucks.Did that last year and you have to take such a long break to recover. I do not have a total of the milage I have done for this years training but here is a cool fact. Between Kure beach tri and Wrightsville tri (about 2.5 months) I ran a total of 24.5 miles including crossfit WOD and the longest was the 5k at the gym W0D. I biked 183 miles. I PR the year before by 2 minutes and had a bad race.. I also competed in the NC tri curcuit (5 races during the year) and ended up #3 in the state in the clydedale division. My first tri was last year at Wightsville. Crossfit and crossfit endrance work.

  13. ilario says:

    I'm a big fan (Read: ADDICT) of the CF program generally, and Tony's program specifically. I don't think there is anything better in terms of promoting general/functional fitness across the spectrum of activities. And when he says put the “breaks on overtraining,” I’d listen.

    For many of us, CrossFit has gone from the “means” to the “end.” Now my aim is to be a better crossfitter, because I know that CF will make me better at everything else…including those neat things on my bucket list. For those of you that are contemplating “bucket list” activities that are seemingly beyond your capabilities, or at least outside your comfort zone, CF and CFE are definitely the pathways to get there. And perhaps T. can develop a program for the “team.”

    I will be the contrarian for a moment and say that for serious competitors that are training for a specific sport or event which they want to win (or place overall-not “age group” etc.), volume/practice/technique becomes an issue. It just does. I’m not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday inn and I have clocked a faster marathon time than Lance Armstrong (with 20 lbs less muscle then I have now, a point I’ll revisit later).

    Yes, you can “only run 5ks” and then go on to complete a marathon (26.2mi) if you have the right mindset and a CF fitness background. But your performance will be limited. You WILL NOT break 3 hours. Not even Hamid. And you will not come within even one hour of the fastest times (which in the case of a marathon is 2:04 +/-). One obvious (and flattering) reason why is because you will be carrying so much more healthy muscle (which we all know weighs more…) But will you finish the Marathon? Yes. Will you be overall healthier and happier because your general fitness level is much better than a dedicated marathoner? Yes. Will you be glad you spent all that extra time with your family (CFW Family! Woop Woop) while the actual “victor” or top three of the race were out at 5am logging miles? Yes. Will you be glad you were not injured? Yes. Will you still get a cool t-shirt whether you come in 1st or 30,000 th? Yes…..So my advice is two-fold: A) Skip the big Long Slow Distance (LSD) events. They are boring and they hurt. Go do a Crossfit event (they hurt too, ask Dawn), like the games/qualifier or this fitness comp in Dec. or just show up at the box, fresh, hard and with no excuses, and you will have all the friendly competition your heart desires. We even have cool shirts! With Skulls! And jokes! B) if you are going to do an LSD event then be realistic about your goals. If completion, with a smile on your face, is good enough [because you know that for each “skinny-fat runner” that passes, you can deadlift twice your body weight, climb a rope and flip tractor tires like pancakes] then the physical and mental toughness from CFW with a little CFE sprinkled in is all you need. I trust Tony and the CFE methodology and I am putting my money where my mouth is: My volume is way back from a year ago and I am preparing for a full IronMan with as little training as possible. My goal is survival, but you can still achieve continuously improving PRs in all of your sports or LSD events by focusing on PRing your Crossfit. HOWEVER, If you want to win your races/LSDs or come damn close, then be prepared for a road full of injury, burnout and lost hours spent slogging through it. PS. Sidebar, I personally don’t consider a 13 miler (half) to be a long slow distance event. I see it as a “semi-annual” long WOD: It will take the average CFer about the same time to complete as some of our other long WODs (“Painstorm”1.5-2hrs). -2010 Baby!