0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/14/2008

  1. DC says:

    I was informed today that JJ and Andy are being called the Crossfit Twins….by the guys at the station…now thats funny..

  2. o says:

    AHH Diane… so good to see you….. i am going to kill her, twice… AGAIN… just like the last time…. she's been a naughty girl…

  3. o says:

    i just had a horrible feeling that i may regret my trash talking…
    i don't know why, but it would make sense that the one time i go being all machismo moron, would be the time i end up falling on my head mid pushup or something… diane voodoo and such….

    in other news my weekend with the vietnam vets has been posted to my blog..


  4. DC says:

    So you guys know last sat I had a playoff game for football and we WON. So what it means is that We are playing in the Championship game here in Wilmington on sat. They time is not yet set but I'll know by Thurs. So come on out and watch us Win a Championship…

  5. Don O says:

    Calling all Crossfitters, one of our own and midmorning favorites CHIP is leaving us for good. He is responding to our Country's call for service. Chip is a Officer in the US Marine Corp's and tomorrow is his last day/workout with us. SO BRING YOURSELF TO THE GYM AND HIT IT HARD IN HONOR OF THIS WARRIOR WHO IS GIVING HIMSELF IN DEFENSE OF THIS COUNTRY. We'll go and sit down and break bread after at a location of his choosing. Roll call is mandatory!!!!!!!

  6. Tracy says:

    DC that is great! Maybe I will come with my cheerleading outfit..lol!
    Tony so good to see you yesterday! Glad you are back!!

  7. Andrew says:

    Kat, if you read this, I want to pick up one of the Travel/Value Books. Let me know how to get it from ya.

  8. Sensei says:

    You are correct my friend…lol…I need to work on those darn HSPU's…They are now part of my warm up without the box.

  9. Sensei says:

    Time: 3:29 (48"box+2bags)then 1600m row 6:08. T. My cell# 910-431-1038 call or text when you plan a roll session I really want to be a part of it if I can fit it in.

  10. t. says:

    It'll be totally instructional. No hospital hard stuff. So anyone can come learn, or teach, something. Bring a pair of pants, BDUs. Just something to cover the knees…

  11. Don O says:

    Hey Hub we're going there around 0900hrs and then later the afternoon we'll sit down and eat…..Come on and join us!!