Back Squat – 10 rep max

Wide Grip Deadlift 4-5 x 4 (5,0,x,0) – Rest 2 minutes
**Do not allow the plates to touch.  Stop within an inch of the ground with each rep.  Grip is between regular and snatch grip widths.

5 rounds of…
20 DB Split Squats
20 DB Death March Steps
10 K2E
Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Snatch – 80% x 1 x 2, 85% x 1, 90% x 1
Clean & Jerk – 80% x 1 x 2, 85% x 1, 90% x 1
Front squat – 80% x 2, 85% x 1 x 2
5 Rounds…
5 (each arm) One arm KB Swings
5 Burpees
2 Jump in/Jump out Tire Flips

3 thoughts on “10/14/2013

  1. Rhonda says:

    I just love seeing the photos/videos of our CFW athletes getting stronger with such determined mindset written on each individual face. Keep it coming!

  2. t. says:

    Maybe CFW should’ve been named Monsters Inc.
    I love this stuff… I get to watch as each of you get stronger and stronger. So many of you are already moving weight you never thought possible and we are only a couple of weeks into this cycle. It’s so exciting.

    Sometimes I wonder if we should put more time into teaching you to walk on your hands or do forward rolls and other silliness that isn’t applicable to real life… then you guys get after the strength stuff like fiends and it only reaffirms what we’ve been doing from the start.

    In a few weeks we will start Olympic Lifting and power development. This strength base will provide the foundation you will need to hit the numbers CFW is known for. Guys… many of you will nail C&Js close to or more than 300lbs. You’ll Snatch over 200. Ladies… many of you hit C&Js of more than 150 and BW Snatch will be common. I can’t wait.

    Thanks CFW for letting us be such an important part of your life!

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