Happy Birthday Emily!!!


The night crew getting ready.

WOD: One round every minute on the minute until failure.  (115lbs – m / 75lbs -f)

  • 2 clean
  • 2 push press
  • 2 squat thruster

Post number of rounds.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 10/11/2008

  1. DC says:

    Happy bday emily.. I see you in the back round in that white shirt.. I wish i could do this wod with you but i gotta game.. have fun and party hard..

  2. Debb D says:

    Happy Birthday Emily! Sorry Josh me and the kids will not be there today, I have been struck with a MONSTER stomach bug.

  3. troy says:

    I am currently in Coronado going through a course and I visited CF Coronado sporting my CF Wilmington T-shirt. THe WoD was yesterday's WoD of Tri-Fran…
    21-15-9 65lbs thrusters and pull-ups, then 21-15-9 95lbs fran, then 21-15-9 65lbs fran. My time was 19:48. The gym was smaller than CF Wilmington's and had a lot less equipment. Overall they are some good people as are most in the community. My next visit should be CF San Diego. I think I am still feeling the WoD from FGB III.

  4. Emily says:

    Thanks everybody for a wonderful day…t…hurry up and come home so we can party!! BTW, Josh said today's WOD was "boring" hook him up when you get back 😉

  5. Emily says:

    Seriously…Tony…I'm kidding about Josh's comment…thanks for a wonderfully challenging WOD…looking forward to your safe return brother….see you soon!!!

  6. Scott S says:

    I worked out at Ultimate Crossfit in Charlotte Friday. The workout was good and the guys were great. The gym is smaller than ours and doesn't have as much stuff, but it you need a workout in Charlotte, give it a try.