Chelsea G. Working on Overhead Squats withWilmington Weightlifting Club


Ladies and Gentlemen, this week we are tapering off from the heavy loads and high Volume.  This is being done so we can recover and be prepared to max each lift next week.  Next week will conclude the strength cycle we have been in, and we will be moving into a power cycle.  Be sure to follow the program for the next 3 days and avoid doing any extra work that is not programmed.  We are taking it easy on you for a reason.
Dead Lift 2 Reps X 3 Sets

Then for completion:
50 Situps
50 Push Ups
25 V-ups

Wilmington Weightlifting Club:

Box Jumps from the Squat x as high as possible x 1 x 12 (add weighted vest or DBs if athlete would like)

Internal Shoulder Rotation Cable Pulls: 10-12 x 4

External Cable Shoulder Rotation Pulls: 10-12 x 4