The CrossFit Wilmington Facility

CrossFit Wilmington is 17,500 square feet of air conditioned and heated space housing the best equipped facility in the region.  Located only a few miles North of Market Street and Martin Luther King Drive, CrossFit Wilmington is conveniently located and easily reached from Downtown, Ogden, the College, and the Mayfaire / Landfall areas.

In this economy we all want more “bang for our buck”.  With a membership at CrossFit Wilmington you will receive  training from the most educated and experienced staff and so much more…

Scroll through the photos below for a visual  tour of our facility.



A big thanks to Shelby and Cory for constructing the new Pull-up/Muscle-up/Wallball Rig.

CFW has all the equipment you will find in any CrossFit Affiliate or more.  Our Olympic lifting equipment has kilo plates and bars, risers, blocks, and all the equipment needed to prepare for meets.  Instead of only stand alone squat racks, which can be dangerous to lift from, we have power racks with adjustable stays to safely lift from.


CrossFit Wilmington has more  of everything…  More barbells, pull up bars, rings, GHDs, Kettle bells, Dumbbells, and Strongman Equipment.  That means more variety and more options to make your workouts more productive and more fun!

Our location is off the busy main roads in Murrayville Station, a well maintained business park.  Our backyard is fenced in and over 2 acres.  That means more outdoor workouts in a safe environment.  Soon we will begin construction of our full on obstacle course.
All CFW members enjoy the use of our IR Sauna, one of only three in Wilmington, as part of their membership.  To learn more about the benefits of our FIR Sauna, click here.


We have five restrooms…  never wait in line.

We have two massage therapists available twice per week and by appointment.
We have a dedicated area for warm up, stretching, foam roller massage, and cool down located safely away from moving equipment.  In our ProShop, we stock and sell only the highest quality supplements from respected companies like Poliquin and Stronger – Faster – Healthier.
child care
Our kids’ room keeps them occupied while Mom and Dad get their workout in.
One of CrossFit Wilmington’s core values is progression.  We believe if you are not getting better, you are getting worse.  We constantly strive to better educate our staff, upgrade our equipment and improve our facility.  Our new building provides CFW with so much room to grow, who knows what we will add next!