CrossFit Wilmington

CrossFit Wilmington was the first affiliate in Wilmington, NC.  We affiliated in 2007 and since, the CFW Team has been providing the Port City with the best functional fitness and strength training available.  CFW, though professionalism, quality training, and exceptional customer service, CFW has become one of the most successful CrossFit Affiliates in the world.  We are proud to be the healthy catalyst in so many peoples’ lives and made such a positive impact in Wilmington.

Our program is safe and welcoming to all fitness levels.  We introduce members to our workouts with a “crawl, walk, then run” progression.  In other words, we teach skill and technique, and then slowly add more intensity, weight and volume at the member’s individual pace.  Whether you are a beginner or superfit, you will feel comfortable at CrossFit Wilmington and get all the instruction and training you need to reach your personal fitness goals.  CrossFit Wilmington is the only affiliate in Wilmington to have athletes compete at the CrossFit World Games.  In 2013, nine athletes from North Carolina competed in the CrossFit Games… eight were from CrossFit Wilmington.  And although we are the only gym to produce world ranked CrossFitters, CrossFit Wilmington knows very few of our members aspire to compete.  Our program caters to and is dedicated to the our members.  We have a separate program for competitors that does not interfere or influence our regular CrossFit workouts.

Tony and Casey - Afghanistan early '02

Tony and Casey – Afghanistan early ’02

CrossFit Wilmington was founded by Tony Cowden and Casey Ross.  Tony and Casey served in the Army Special Forces and worked together in the intelligence community for almost ten years when they decided to team up and open what was to be North Carolina’s third CrossFit gym.  Tony and Casey are both believers of hard work and earning your own…  Special Forces does not give anyone a free ride.  They invested their own hard earned money and began what is now Wilmington’s only world class training center.  A career move made it difficult for Casey to continue his involvement in CFW and in 2009, Tony took over as CFW’s sole owner.

All companies, gyms or not, find their quality, direction, and professionalism in their leadership.


CFW is fueled by unsurpassed experience.

Tony, has led special operations teams on more than twenty deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other wonderful countries.  The lessons he learned and experiences he gained in that world provide the foundation CrossFit Wilmington is built on.  CFW has an atmosphere that fosters motivation, camaraderie, and inspires people to be their best.  There are few coaches in the world with Tony’s resume.  His physical accomplishments include military courses that make most ultra races seem easy, countless triathlons, mountaineering, trekking, 2010 Masters National Weightlifting Champion (35-39, 94kg), 2013 3rd place Masters Nationals (35-39, 105kg), and 2nd place Maxim Magazine’s Warrior Challenge 3.  The most impressive thing about Tony is not what he has done, but the things he has helped others achieve.  Tony has a very unique way of convincing people they can do more than they think they can… and then showing them how.

CrossFit Wilmington’s General Manager, Kimberly “Kimmy” Lawrence, is one of the most knowledgeable and strongest coaches.  Know for her speed and strength, Kimmy is took first place at the North American Strongman 2015 NC Strongest Man Competition.  She was a Division 1, NCAA soccer player.  She and Tony provide CFW members with the highest quality, and safest, CrossFit program in the area. She runs the day to day operations of CFW and is always available for our members for consultation and direction.

The CFW staff of instructors are thoroughly selected, groomed, and educated… the newest CFW instructor hits the floor with more education than most gym owners.  Five of our coaches have competed at the CrossFit Games.  Who better to teach you CrossFit than the best CrossFitters?  The CrossFit Wilmington coach is a professional, not an enthusiast.  Take a quick look at our instructor’s page and you’ll see resumes, not silly stories about being interested in fitness.  Additionally, CFW instructors walk the walk.  Our instructors are not only fit and strong, they are collegiate and professional athletes.  They are weightlifters and tri-athletes.  They compete and prove their skill and prowess.  Most importantly… they know how to help you reach your goals.  They take pride in their position at CFW and the quality of instruction they provide our members.

CFW is the whole package.  We leave nothing to want.  Our facility is one the largest, best equipped CrossFits in the world.  We have enough space for our classes to safely train with no worries about a barbell being dropped on them.  Our CrossFit equipment is top of the line.  We are the only gym in Wilmington to have Sorinex, Eleiko, Rogue, Ivanko, Elite FTS, and MDUSA for our members to use.  We are also the first CrossFit in Wilmington to house an Infrared Sauna and the only to have BioSignature practitioners available for nutrition and diet counseling.

CrossFit Wilmington is proud to have helped the community grow.  Five trainers from CFW have moved on to open their own gyms.  Karen Candia of CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach, Ben Sturgill – CrossFit 336, Tanner Martin – CrossFit Balcones, John Z. – Down East Athletics, and most recently, Nick Majeka opened CrossFit Reignited.  They are now applying what they learned at CFW to their own programs and helping others get fit.

If you are interested in being part of the best fitness program in Wilmington, call, email, or stop by for a workout today.  We do not burden our members with class sign ups, you can attend any class you would like.  We have enough coaches to thoroughly cover our schedule and always maintain the best student to coach ratio.