Membership Rates


CrossFit Wilmington is a service oriented coaching facility. Our coaches will work with you every time you walk into our gym. We are not a gym to just check in and remain anonymous, we want to help you succeed, and we personally work with you to progress you towards your goals.

Our prices reflect our dedication to our service and our craft. Yes we are more expensive than a Gold’s or the YMCA, but we provide much, much more.

If you’re not sure what options are best for you, book your No Sweat Intro Session for a goal setting session and to learn more about our programs.


Personal Training and Individual Programing

We offer personal training or individual programming for those looking for an even more personal approach to fitness. For more information on personal training click here, for individual programming click here.


Elements – $129

Our Elements Program is required to start any of our CrossFit memberships.  It consists of 5 personal training sessions that we build around your schedule.

You’ll learn our basic CrossFit movements and how to navigate our CrossFit program. You’ll learn how to execute our movements safely and effectively and complete different workouts in each session. We’ll also talk about how to approach training with us, nutrition, scaling, and things you can do on your own to maximize the effectiveness of our training.


Platinum Plus – $189

Unlimited Classes & 1 Personal Training Session per Month

This membership allows you attendance in all group classes, open gym access, AND 1 personal training session each month. Our personal training sessions are a great way to keep you progressing towards your goals. These one-on-one sessions can help you develop skills that may otherwise be tough grasp in a group setting.


Gold- $159

Unlimited Classes

Unlimited CrossFit group classes and access to our open gym hours. You can train whenever we are open, no need to sign up for classes in advance. Come when you are able.


Silver – $135

12 Classes Per Month

If your schedule is crazy or you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to train every day, this membership allows you to take any 12 classes per month. You’re not locked into a set number per week, so you could come in 4 days one week and only one the next. It’s the ultimate in flexibility. We guarantee you’ll still feel the burn.


**all of our memberships require an initial 3 month commitment, then convert to month to month thereafter. We require a 30 day written notice on any changes made to a membership.


Class Punch Card – $135

This option is available only to out of town members. 10 classes good for one year. This gives you the opportunity to attend classes when you are in town only.


Open Gym Coaching


At CFW, we pride ourselves on our coaching and our service. We believe that your fitness requires guidance in order to reach your goals optimally. Our open gym memberships include one personal training session each month. Our sessions will identify areas of improvement, ensure that you are moving well, and provide you with “homework” exercises to be completed during your open gym sessions to provide you the most out of your CFW membership.

**Open Gym is available to our advanced members only and is available during select times only. You must pass a movement proficiency test to be eligible for Open Gym.