Membership Rates


  • Unlimited Max
  • $159
  • We like to call this the “Lift All You Can” Plan. Work out everyday that we are open. This is our most popular option. Once you start Crossfit, you’ll find that you can’t wait to get back everyday.
  • *Includes access to all open gym times
  • 10 Classes Per Month
  • $119
  • Maybe an unlimited membership is a little too steep. Maybe your schedule is crazy. Either way, here’s a great deal that allows you to take any 10 classes per month. You’re not locked into a set number per week, so you could come in 4 days one week and only one the next. It’s the ultimate in flexibility. We guarantee you’ll still feel the burn.
  • *Does not include Open Gym access
  • Couples
  • $279
  • Love. It’s such a beautiful thing. The couple that Crossfits together look smoking hot together. Save $20 off the price of two single memberships! You gotta love a deal like that!
  • Open Gym
  • $80
  • To our advanced members, we offer the flexibility of open gym. Just one way we differ from most other Crossfit affiliates. You’ll still get great instruction without the group setting and scheduled class times. We do require a minimum of 18 months of CrossFit and movement proficiency before moving to Open Gym.
  • Class Punch Card
  • $135
  • This option is available only for Open Gym members. 10 classes good for one year. This gives you the opportunity to attend classes on skills and exercises while still retaining your open gym membership. Ask for more information.
  • Elements
  • $129
  • Our Elements Program consists of 5 personal training sessions that we build around your schedule. You’ll learn our basic CrossFit movements and how to navigate our CrossFit program.
  • Discounts
  • We gladly offer discounts on our CrossFit group memberships to all Police, Fire, EMS, Active Duty Military, and Students