Getting Started / Fees


1 Class Intro

Training at CrossFit Wilmington begins with our Introduction to Exercise Foundations Class. This class will teach you the foundational movements for all of our workouts.  Our trained instructors will lead you through the movements ensuring proper technique before you begin a class membership.

The cost for Foundations is $50 (or $75 for couples). It is well worth the investment to get all of the movements mastered before jumping into a class.

Unlimited “Max” Membership

Unlimited classes means exactly that, a member may come in to any of our scheduled classes and there will be one or more instructors to lead them through the workout. You are not required to sign up for class, simply come in whenever your schedule permits. Each class operates in a group setting, led by one or more of CrossFit Wilmington’s instructors. The instructor begins with a warm up and tutorial of each movement included in the days’ workout. Once everyone is ready to begin, the instructor leads the class safely through the workout.

You can get unlimited classes at any Crossfit gym. At Crossfit Wilmington we’ve maxed out our Unlimited Membership plan by adding the following:

> Free enrollment to seminars presented by CFW staff
> 10% off CFW apparel
> 10% all supplements and at shake bar (Competitive EDGE Performance, Poliquin Group, Quest Nutrition and SFH)


  • Combat Vets
  • FREE
  • If you’ve served in harms way, then we want you to train with us at CFW for FREE. It’s our way of saying thank you for all you’ve done for our nation. Find out more by CLICKING HERE.
  • Unlimited Max*
  • $135
  • We like to call this the “Lift All You Can” Plan. Work out everyday that we are open. This is our most popular option. Once you start Crossfit, you’ll find that you can’t wait to get back everyday.
  • 3x Per Week*
  • $110
  • Maybe an unlimited membership is a little too steep. Maybe your schedule is crazy. Either way, here’s a great deal that allows you to work out 3x each week. We guarantee you’ll still feel the burn.
  • Couples*
  • $250
  • Love. It’s such a beautiful thing. The couple that Crossfits together look smoking hot together. Save $20 off the price of two single memberships! You gotta love a deal like that!
  • Corporate*
  • NEW
  • Healthy employees help the bottom line. Let CFW help your people get in the best shape of your life. With 3 to 4 employees, we extend a rate of $130 each. With 5 or more, everyone joins the Crossfit Wilmington family for just $100 each!
  • Students*
  • $110
  • We get it… starving students can barely afford books and groceries.  Crossfit Wilmington offers a discount to students so you can train at Wilmington’s only world class facility, get in the best shape of your life and still make the grades.
  • Open Gym
  • $80
  • To our advanced members, we offer the flexibility of open gym. Just one way we differ from most other Crossfit affiliates. You’ll still get great instruction without the group setting and scheduled class times. Ask if Open Gym is right for you!
  • Open Gym Punch
  • $100
  • Open gym members may purchase 20 classes good for one year. This gives you the opportunity to attend classes on skills and exercises while still retaining your open gym membership. Ask for more information.
  • Active Duty Military, LEO, Fire/Rescue & Teachers
  • $60
  • CFW loves our uniformed and teachers! You keep us safe and respond to our emergencies and we know you need to be in shape to do so.  We appreciate the sacrifices you make.  This rate reflects our appreciation.
  • *Intro Foundations
  • $50
  • Get started right with Intro Foundations. In this class, our instructors will guide you through the core movements of Crossfit. The Intro Foundations class is required to begin at Crossfit Wilmington.