Military Performance and Preparation

Military and Tactical Professionals are a unique type of athlete.  Operators must possess a high level of relative and functional strength, master body weight (+ kit) movements, and have the work capacity that rivals competitive endurance athletes.  Our programs provide operators and operators in training proven fitness programs that balance effort with recovery optimally.  When following one of our programs, whether in preparation for a course, event, deployment or general tactical readiness, the trainee will reach peak physical readiness a stronger, more resilient and injury free athlete.

Best Sapper Competition 2010

“Selection and Assessment Courses are basically job interviews…
long, physically and mentally exhausting job interviews.
You have to show up and and convince us you’re the best guy for the job.” -t.

Selection Preparatory Programs

Selection courses are long and take a brutal toll on the feet, ankles, and knees.  Most medical drops in SOF selection courses are sprains and other soft tissue injuries to the lower body.  While most train-up programs focus on rucking and running, our courses provide an additional facet that incorporates a PICP (Poliquin) based, conditioning strength program that helps insure the candidate not only finishes the course, but finishes it healthy and ready to attend their next phase of training.  Each programs includes additional information essential to candidates success like ruck packing tips, foot care, and nutrition basics.

These courses can be completed with minimal equipment and do not require a gym.  Land navigation based selection courses (SFAS, A&S, Adv Land Nav) require a large ALICE rucksack and Army or Marine Corps issued boots.  Water based courses (AFSOC, Basic Recon, BUD-S) also require a set of Rocket or Jet fins, booties and a dive mask.

  • Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) 4 month, ruck focused program
  • MARSOC Selection and Assessment (A&S) 4 month, ruck focused program
  • Ranger Assessement and Selection Program (RASP) 4 month ground focused program
  • AFSOC Indoc Preparatory Program – 4 month, water focused program
  • BUD-S Preparatory Program – 4 month, water focused program
  • Amphibious RECON Screening Preparatory Program – 4 month, water focused program

Selection Courses – $100.
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Also available:

Personalized Programming

Pre-Deployment Work Up

CQB Operator’s Agility Program

Resilience and Conditioning for the Seasoned Operator

*Theses courses are sent in password protected, pdf format and are intended for the purchaser’s agreed sole use. Don’t let your first integrity violation of your career be sharing our programs.

CFW’s owner and founder, Tony Cowden, is the author of our Military Performance Programs. Tony has been a part of the Special Operations community since 1999. He successfully completed each SOF selection and school he attended “first time go”, never recycling or failing even a phase of training.  He completed Combat Diver Qualification Course in 2003.  In 2011, after a 7 year break in service and working in the civilian sector and establishing CrossFit Wilmington, Tony re-enlisted to continue to offer service to the community.  He is assigned to the dive team in C-Co, 2nd BN, 19th Special Forces Group and is a current diver.  He has extensive operational experience in OEF, OIF and other regional conflicts with both Army SF and OGA.  Recently Tony has been readying MARSOC candidates for A&S as part of the civilian cadre at MARSOC’s Assessment & Selection Preparatory and Orientation Course (ASPOC).  Tony also competed in Maxim magazine’s Maxim Warrior 3, a tactical challenge that put 10 SOF operators from each of the services head to head in events testing their operational skills.  He took second place and proved his training methods in a high-vis tactical event.  A very unique perspective Tony brings to the table is his personal experience with rehabilitating injuries.  During his career, he’s sustained major injuries, including a broken femur, broken ribs, fracture vertebrae, and head trauma, after each of which he rehabbed and returned to operational service.  Through the injuries and rehab, he learned the hard way some very important lessons he is eager to pass on to our next generation of young warriors and also to the current operators engaged in the daunting task of staying fit, injury free, and ready.  So whether you’re preparing for the SFAS, PAST, BUD-S, Mountain Warfare, or the Advanced Land Navigation Course, Tony can provide insight on how to train and be successful.