Mike Bloch


Since starting CrossFit in September of 2013 I have found a new passion.  I have always been an active person and involved with fitness at some level but I believe that I have found my niche with CrossFit.  Growing up I participated in soccer and fencing, and became competitive in both in high school.  At 14, I took bronze in the Kansas Sunflower State Games in fencing, and played JV Soccer at Free State High.  After playing soccer in college for a year I joined the Marine Corps and after multiple combat deployments took up an Instructor billet where I became a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer and Combat Conditioning Specialist for the Marine Corps.  It was at this time that I found a passion in helping and instructing others.  Since then I have I have been assigned as the Human Performance Mentor in my current billet after attendance of the Military Mentorship Program at the Andrews Institute and Athletes Performance compound in Gulf Breeze, FL.

Currently I enjoy putting my fitness to use participating in obstacle, mud, and endurance races.  I have done a North Face Endurance Challenge, Super Spartan, Zombie Run and have aspirations to do more.  I also enjoy Rock Climbing and hiking and have done both in parts of North Carolina, Virginia, and Joshua Tree.  Recently I got a taste of CrossFit team competition as part of Team Unknown where we tied for 2nd in the scaled division at the Sandstorm Legacy Event in December 2013.  It was a great experience and a gateway to more in the future.  I am excited to be a part of the CrossFit Wilmington team and look forward to sharing that experience with others.