Michelle Diffee


My life has always been one of movement, beginning from day one at the Letterman Hospital in the Presido of San Francisco, Ca. From there, my range of movement includes places like Philadelphia, Pa.; Crete, Greece; South Jersey; dismal Columbus, Ohio; St. Thomas, USVI; a boat in Cruz Bay, St. John; Charlotte, NC; Wilmington, NC. It seems only fitting that I’ve approached fitness with the same varying degree of movement. I was a competitive gymnast for 9 years and studied ballet for 4 of those competitive years. For the next 2 years, I switched movement patterns to row in a woman’s quad, as stroke, for OSU. Always seeking change and new learning challenges, I cycled with international elite cyclists, and exposed myself to repeated beatings from champion kick-boxers and boxers. Life offers its own challenges and can sometimes sideline us from our goals, which impacted my personal fitness goals for a few years. In May 2010, I was able to regroup and discovered Crossfit. Crossfit (CF) offers enough of the varied movement patterns that I seem to innately crave. I’ve discovered that CF is aligned with my philosophy of living more from intention and less from habit, motivating me from my failures or setbacks. CF allows me to constantly reevaluate my goals and achieve them at a faster rate. Two of my current goals include certification in Olympic lifting and Mobility. By profession, I’m an Instructional Coach (M.Ed & NBCT), at a local elementary school. So, for me being a CF instructor (August 2012) has become a perfect blend of 2 of my passions, education and fitness. Based on what I know about quality instruction and my own results, CF Wilmington is the place to get work done. The work accomplished in any organization is considered the defining characteristic of that organization. At CFW, the results of this work are reflected in the individuals who train here. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of CFW. On a daily basis, I get to interact with truly amazing, awe-inspiring athletes that motivate me to bring in my best. CFW also recognizes the importance of staying current with the new challenges and progress of fitness. Therefore, instructors are continually provided learning opportunities, promoting CFW to consistently offer quality instruction for optimal results.