Leilani Tootoo Balaban


Hi there!  I’m otherwise known around CFW as LTB.  I am half-Samoan, so by nature I am enthusiastic, energetic and strong.  I train in the competitor’s program at CFW.  Outside of the gym I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking/eating, re-arranging furniture (functional movements!) and being outside.  I have a background in playing sports (volleyball, softball, ultimate Frisbee), competing in endurance events (Wildflower, Escape from Alcatraz, Big Kahuna) and in general, having an active lifestyle since I followed my football-coach Dad onto the field as a toddler.  I was a Wrightsville Beach Lifeguard for 5 seasons and my love for East Coast salt water brought me back to NC after living in San Francisco for many years.

I started Crossfit to rehab a fractured ankle in 2012. Since then I have embraced the intensity and variety of the Crossfit lifestyle Crossfit allows me to express my physicality is so many ways.  Whether it’s surfing, chopping wood, Olympic weightlifting, tennis or simply chasing my kids, I am ready to go!  I chose Crossfit Wilmington because the well-informed and experienced coaching is world-class and unparalleled in helping set and attain goals.  As a coach, I want to emphasize that Crossfit is for everyone who wants to work hard.  With diligence and the appropriate guidance and support, dividends are the only result.  I push myself with the expectation that “if you want more, you have to do more”.  There’s always something under the CFW umbrella to improve your self, your life.  Get some!!