Jonathan Poole

Level 1 Instructor

I am a student at UNCW studying Exercise Science and plan on going to school for Physical Therapy upon graduation. Outside of Crossfit, I enjoy many different types of martial arts as well as just being physically active outdoors. I have been involved in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for 3 years and have most recently become interested in FCS Kali. I started doing “Crossfit” back home in my yard with bodyweight workouts only. I found out about a Crossfit gym that had just recently opened and joined it. Once I moved to Wilmington for school, I transitioned to Crossfit Wilmington. I love instructing Crossfit and helping others achieve their goals, which is a big reason why I am an instructor. I am a Level 1 Crossfit Instructor, Level 2 Rocktape Certified and have attended many seminars that cover many different aspects of health and fitness.

Even before I moved to Wilmington, I  heard that Crossfit Wilmington was one of the top gyms around. They were known for having a bunch of monsters running around, being represented at the Crossfit Games almost yearly, and being one of the best CrossFit affiliates in the world. That made the decision to choose this gym easy for me. Once I moved to Wilmington and joined CFW, I instantly realized why it had such a great reputation. The standards for instruction are the highest and I love that mentality. Now I myself am on the way to becoming one of these monsters, and I know it never would have happened at any other gym. There are many seminars and certifications that I plan to attend and complete in order to better myself as a trainer and athlete.