CrossFit Wilmington’s program delivers a fitness that is broad, general, and all inclusive. We combine strength conditioning, body-weight exercises, circuit training, and cardio to form a result based fitness program.

Our specialty is not specializing, but developing all components of fitness.  Life does not reward those who only train one form of fitness.  CrossFit Wilmington bridges the gap between weights and cardio and excels at both!

We take guess work out of working out.  Each day the workout is laid out for you and our trainers are there to teach you how to each and every exercise.  It’s that easy.  The program is constantly varied and never becomes routine or boring.  Your body never has the chance to adapt.  The results are fast and effective.  And just as important, we make exercises and the gym fun!

Getting started…

An Introduction to CrossFit Foundations Course is how all new CrossFit Wilmington members begin their first week at CFW.   Our intro course consists of three training classes focused on technique and safely getting you ready to begin CrossFitting. We introduce you to CrossFit Wilmington’s facility, equipment, exercises, and fundamentals of our fitness program. We will assess your fitness level to better address your personal conditioning needs. We also supply you with resources on proper diet and eating habits.

Cost – $100  ($80.00 for Military, LEA, and First Responder) – $150 for couples 

Our Intro Course is one of the many things that sets CrossFit Wilmington apart.  It is a week of detailed instruction.  It is an investment by you for your fitness.  Beware of any CrossFit or gym that gives a “free” introductory course.  They are only attempting to lure you in with a cheaper start.  The compromise is a cheaper product and compromised results.  Reputable CrossFit affiliates put much time and effort into their new clients.  Most have one and even two weeks intro courses.

Intro Class ScheduleIntroductory classes are by appointment only.  Call or email us today to schedule your first class.  (910) 399-5864 or

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:00 am Intro I Intro II
7:00 pm Intro I Intro I Intro II Intro II

*Limit 6 clients per introduction class
**Eat a well balance meal approximately 2 hours prior to your intro.
***CFW requests adherence to appointment times.


A six month commitment of unlimited classes is how members begin their training at Crossfit Wilmington. When a new member joins CrossFit Wilmington, they receive a commitment and promise from the CFW staff to provide the best fitness conditioning and instruction available. Six months is approximately how long it takes for our program to make a lasting difference in a new member’s life.

CrossFit Wilmington’s program and exercises are designed to compliment and improve your everyday life. Our program builds strength and endurance through a full range of motion, gradually and safely, over a short time. We do not just put new members into the program with no instruction. CrossFit Wilmington’s program helps guard against injuries by design. In classes CrossFit Wilmington’s members learn proper form and technique for each and every exercise we do. The result is correct form and safe conditioning that transfers to everyday life.

Each class is in a small group setting, led by one or more of CrossFit Wilmington’s instructors. The instructor begins with a tutorial of each movement included in the days’ workout. After insuring each member is ready to begin, the instructor leads the class through the day’s workout. Classes are concluded with a cool down and stretching period.

Unlimited Classes per month
Unlimited classes means exactly that… a CrossFit Wilmington member comes in at one of the scheduled class times (see schedule below) and has an instructor leading them through each workout. We require the unlimited classes to all new members for the first six month at CrossFit Wilmington. At the end six months, members can move to an open gym membership.
Cost – $150/month
Couples Pricing – $240/month 

Open Gym
To our advanced members, CrossFit Wilmington offers the flexibility of open gym. This is one way CrossFit Wilmington differs from most other Crossfit affiliates. Once a CrossFit Wilmington member has met certain physical requirements and demonstrates an understanding of our training concepts and exercise foundations, we allow them to forgo classes and move to an open gym membership.  With open gym, our members still receive instruction and corrections from our instructors.  It is only without the group setting and scheduled class times.
Cost – $80/month

20 Class Punch Card
$100 for CFW Open Gym Members
After a member has complete his or her first 6 months and graduates to Open Gym, they can purchase 20 classes good for an entire year.  This package gives the member the opportunity to attend classes on skills and exercises they feel the need to work on.

$200 for Non-Open Gym Members
We created this option for crossfitters whose proximity to the gym makes it difficult for them to get here often. The classes do not expire and can be rolled over into the next month.

Compare CrossFit Wilmington’s unlimited classes to hiring a personal trainer at the going rate of $50 per hour at most gyms. With our unlimited classes per month program the cost of a trainer is only $3.50 per class.
A personal trainer at another gym would cost at least $1500!

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30 am Class Class Class
6:00 am Class Class
6:30 am Class Class Class
9:00 am Class Class Class Class Class Class Yoga
11:30 am Class Class Class Class Class Class
3:45 pm Class Class Class Class Class
5:00 pm Class Class Class Class Class
6:00 pm Class Class Class Class Class
7:00 pm Class Class Class Class Class

*Classes begin at scheduled times. Arrive 10 minutes early to ensure a thorough warm up.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the US Military, Law Enforcement, and Rescue Communities…

We feel like you and your families’ are not always appreciated enoughs.  Having said that, CrossFit Wilmington is extending rates to our current and future public servants and protectors and their family members.

New and existing CrossFit Wilmington members of the Military and LEA/First Responder communities will receive discounted rates of $80.00 for our Introduction Course, $120 per month for Unlimited Classes, and $60.00 a month for Open Gym.

Thank you for all you do.

*Discounts extended to military, teachers, students, police and fire department, and health care providers .